101 Songs of 2016

This awesome thing happened on Spotify the last month. Spotify randomly created me a playlist of My Best Songs of 2016. Oh boy. Who knew there were 101 of them? **Sucks I didn’t get this in before the end of the year! Dang schedule!

But. I wonder how many times I played each one… That is the only thing I prefer about iTunes better. Is the play counter. Spotify, you need to get with the program!

Anyway, it’s a mix of all sorts of songs. Rock, Country, Pop. Seriously, it’s totally mixed and matched. Give my list a try. I’m sure you can find something new! 🙂

Send me your lists! I want to see what you’ve been listening to!

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  1. Aww man it wouldn’t let me see the list!

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Ahhh! I fixed it! It was working the other day. LOL try again 😀

      1. Avatar Peyton Garver says:

        Hi Kendra,
        I love how you embedded the list of 101 songs onto your blog page. How did you do that? Does Spotify do that for you? I’ll have to change over from Soundhound! Anyway, I find music to be inspiring when I write. Sometimes when I hear a song it actually sparks the idea of a scene to write. Here is my “playlist” for my novel Sublime Karma.


  2. Some of the songs on your list I love!

  3. Avatar Random Reads says:

    I love the Spotify songs of 2016! The songs are so varied 😀

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