5 Amazing Advantages To Being A Reader

5 Amazing Advantages To Being A Reader

I haven’t been too good at setting time aside to read every day like I planned, but it happens. So I have decided to create a list of five advantages to being a reader. There’s definitely more than five, but these are my top ones.

<3 There is something out there for literally every single person on the planet. Romance, horror, thriller, sci-fi, western, fantasy, poetry, YA, mystery, etc. No matter your preference, there will always be something for you to read.

<3 Reading gives me an escape route from my daily life. No, I do not want a different life, I like mine, thank you very much. 😉 But I mean, even if it is just five minutes of reading time. That is five minutes I can leave the stress the responsibilities, and I can melt into something else. I can be sitting my living room on the couch, and in the next instant, I’m in Italy! It’s travel without the expense!

<3 As a writer, it gives me ideas and the terrible books show me what not to do. I could take a basic idea and give it my own spin and there you go. Take the romance genre as an example. The basic idea is boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they fall in love. In everyday life, there are many obstacles thrown at you. So much so, that you could take that boy/girl scenario and twist it in different ways and come up with something different.

<3 I’m never bored. Well, unless I’m in a reading slump, which does happen, unfortunately. Anything I want, at the access of my fingertips. 1-click it, or swipe my library card. Either way, I’m good to go.

<3 Ohhh the learning! Books are a never-ending source of knowledge for any mind. If you’re reading a recipe out of a cook book, you’re learning! If you’re reading about a winery in Italy, you’re learning! If you’re reading about a historian, you’re learning! See the pattern?

Some bonus advantages:

  1. You never have to go to bed alone!
  2. You can make exciting friends and fangirl over the bad boys.
  3. We cannot forget the bad boys! So many book boyfriends.

These are my top 5 amazing advantages to being a reader, and then some!

What are some advantages for y’all can think of? I’d love to hear from you.


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