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5 Things You Need to Know About Me

I have done so many factual posts from all the tags/awards I used to do. Hmm. Let’s see if I can find something new!

  • I have dyed my hair four different colors. Black, Blonde, Red, and an orange/pink-ish color. The latter was supposed to be red, but I bleached my black hair to be able to dye it red. The red then turned to this orange and pink color.
  • 75% of the time, wearing nail polish deters me from picking at my nails.
  • I hate wearing skirts and dresses. This includes high heels (much to my boyfriend’s protests)…
  • I used to hate big-rimmed sunglasses. Like the big oval ones. I despised them. Until I stole (aka borrowed) a pair of my friend’s, years ago. Now, I can’t wear the normal ones. I have to wear the bigger ones. It’s an addiction. Haha.
  • Speaking of addictions, I cannot drink coffee. In fact, I don’t like even like the smell. My addiction of drink choice in Mountain Dew.

**Next up on 5 Things on Sunday: I wish I had a lifetime supply of…

Tell me. What are 5 things about you that I should know?

~~ As always, if you have any suggestions for the 5 Things posts, let me know!



  1. I have dyed my hair so many different colors. I have had blonde, black, red, blue black, and purple.

  2. I’m working on my post right now and I’m struggling wth facts to give! lol but yours was good! I’m so excited for next weeks topic!

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