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This week’s topic is…

5 Things That Are My Favorite Foods

These are the 5 things that make up my favorite foods:

  • A super cool smoothie recipe that I will share with you tomorrow. Anything with the two main ingredients is a plus in my book. I love spring/summer time when it’s in season!
  • Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • Meat Lover’s Pizza
  • Chicken Alfredo. From two places. Mama Lacona’s in Urbandale, Iowa. If you ever go there, you must try this dish. It’s out of this world. The other place is Montana Meat Company in Vegas. I almost died when I tried it. So freaking amazing. Hands down, the best Alfredo I’ve ever had!
  • Bacon! I love bacon. For real. Bacon with everything! 😉


  • SNICKERS! This is my absolute favorite candy bar. One year at Girl Scout Camp, I earned the nickname of Snick because Snickers is my favorite candy bar. When presented with awards, I always chose the Snickers bar.

Tell me. What are 5 of your favorite foods?

*As always, if you have any suggestions for the 5 Things posts, let me know!



  1. ohhh, i love snickers! yummi

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