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5 Songs I’m Jamming To This Week

Here are the 5 songs I cannot get out of my head:

Forever Girl

Of course. I’m a huge country girl! I discovered this song on Discover Weekly on Spotify a while ago. However, my love for it has not ceased. I’ve been listening to it tons this week. I absolutely cannot get it out of my head!

*It’s a glass of wine, to keep her sane // I love the sound, of her full name // Natural Southern Beauty // Can’t explain what it does to me // She’s everything in my whole world // That’s my forever girl.*  YouTube Video.


This is one of those country songs that shows you the heart and soul of working hard, no matter the profession. He’s doing something that requires boots, dirty and bloody hands, and long hours. Damn. 😉 My kind of man!

*Cause I’m workin’ ’til it’s hurtin’ // That’s the only way to make an honest day’s pay // So I’m workin’ even when it’s hurtin’ // That’s the only way to make an honest day’s wage.* YouTube Video.


I’ve been listening to this song for years. But lately, it’s the beat that draws me in.

*’Cause I’m tired of who I am // You were my greatest mistake // I fell in love with your sin // Your littlest sin.* YouTube Video.


I am not a fan of Bieber. But for some reason, I like this song. I cannot explain it.

*My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone // And I never like to admit that I was wrong.* YouTube Video.

All Wound Upby She wants Revenge

This song has a weird reference to it in my personal life. Definitely a warning though: Explicit lyrics. Not like cuss words, but with the meaning and the story.

*Lick my lips and smack my ass // Slow it down, don’t go too fast.* YouTube Video.

Tell me. What are the 5 songs you’re jamming to?

*As always, if you have any suggestions for the 5 Things posts, let me know!



  1. Avatar Random Reads says:

    I’ve only heard of Love Yourself by JB XD

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