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5 Things That Are My Constant Pet Peeves

  • People talking on cell phones while they are at the cash register. I have been on both sides of this and it is super annoying. Be courteous and nice to the person helping you. Don’t ignore them while you carry on a conversation. You can put your phone on hold for a couple minutes.
  • Drivers who cannot merge. We have a big problem here. People suck at merging lanes on the freeway, or on any given street. It is not that hard: one person on the left goes, one person on the right goes, one on the left, one on the right. Get it? Don’t try to cram in where you don’t belong.
  • When people don’t use the correct homophoneBeing an English major, this is a big one. “They’re going over there with their food.” Ahh! “Your” and “you’re” is another BIG one that drives me nuts.
  • Traffic. I know this one ties in with merging, but blah. I avoid traffic at all costs.
  • Being late. Omygosh. I cannot handle being late. I’m ok if the other party less than 5 minutes late, but I myself cannot be late. I’m always at least 10 minutes early, and if I’m not, I feel like I’m late. It’s a constant battle.
  • In case you want more pet peeves: visit this article. It sent my mind spinning with irritation!

**Next up on 5 Things on Sunday: Items I’d take with me in if my house were on fire.

Tell me. What are 5 of your pet peeves?

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    This is so relatable!!

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