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5 Things I Dislike About Winter

  • The snow! Unless it’s in pictures. If not, gtfo. Right meow.
  • The cold. I do love sweatshirts, but this 30* weather is uncool. I know I live in Vegas, but come on. It should be 60-70* constantly. That is perfect sweatshirt weather. And perfect flip-flop weather.
  • My house can never find a reasonable temperature. At 68*, it’s a bit cold. At 69*, it’s a bit hot. It is never ending. But only in the winter!
  • The flu. This winter season it hit my family, hard. We had it for two weeks, in addition to having a cold before the flu, and a cold after the flu.
  • It gets so dark too early. At 4:30 in the afternoon, there should be sunlight. At 5:00 pm, it should not be pitch black outside. Dammit!
  • You can’t open your windows to air out your house. It’s too damn cold. You have to suffer.
  • Fogged up windows. Yep, even in Vegas. Guys. The desert is not immune from winter! UGH.
  • My fingers and nose get super red and super cold. Again, I know this relates to the cold, but I could handle the cold if it weren’t for my nose and my fingers. Ahhh!

Ok, well that was more than 5. But as you can see, I’m definitely not a huge fan of winter. Are you? Really?

**Next up onĀ 5 Things on Sunday: New Things You Want to Try

Tell me. What are 5 things you hate about winter?

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  1. Avatar Literary Feline says:

    I’m with you when it comes to snow! It’s so pretty on the mountain tops, but I’ll keep my distance. LOL I thought about putting the flu or a cold, but I’ve too often caught them in the fall or spring. And even in the summer. It’s not a winter illness necessarily where I live, I’m afraid. Dark too early-yup! That made my list too. And also the fogging up of the windows. That happens here too.

    I am participating this week. What a fun meme! Thanks for hosting! Have a great week, Kendra!


  2. Avatar sanneinbookland says:

    I have participated this week. What a fun meme. I adore it. Have a great week Kendra!

  3. lol I talked about it being dark early in mine too!!!! Great list.

  4. I know snow can get annoying really fast, but every year I wish it would snow for one day here in the south. Then the snow can go away and never come back. Lol. Love the rest of your list!

  5. Avatar Random Reads says:

    These are so relatable!! Snow really hit my state hard this year. I definitely don’t want to see anymore. It’s beautiful but now we have snow days to make up.

  6. Avatar Elana says:

    I’m the opposite about the snow! But I guess that’s because I live in Australia and it doesn’t snow in my state. I’ve always wanted a white Christmas, maybe one year!

    Here’s my five dislikes about winter: http://wp.me/p6DosB-1KT

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