Abattoir – Review


by: K Larsen and Yolanda Olson

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His words are often full of praise, of need, yet I know he deserves better.
I need him. I can’t live without him.
I’ll adjust to what he wants.


They say love knows no bounds.
That it doesn’t judge and it isn’t biased,
but can it survive his recklessness and my proclivities?


Abattoir – Review

I went into this book completely blind and oh shit, it did not disappoint!

I first heard of this book through one of the groups I’m in, I can’t remember if it was K Webster or Natalie Bennett, probably both! Haha. I signed up for the ARC so damn fast on their recommendation. I couldn’t wait to read this…

There is so much about this book that is fantastic! It’s dark and gritty, it’s romantic, it’s so twisted, and it’s just what I needed! Bishop and Josi are amazing characters, ones I would love to read more about. And the authors, Larsen and Olson, created a flawless story – written to perfection. 

Abattoir is a super intriguing read. It’s best to go in not knowing a damn thing, don’t even read the synopsis. Trust me. If you love dark reads, this is one to add to your TBR!

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