ARC April Final Update #4

Wow. This month has gone by quickly!

ARC April

This fourth week was another slow one! 🙁

Here is what I read this week:

(half of a) book
130 pages

Welcome Home Cowboy

Week 1 Pages: 576
Week 2 Pages: 80
Week 3 Pages: 310
Week 4 Pages: 130

Total Books: 4

Total Pages: 1096


Guys. I was ONE freaking book short of my goal! Dang reading slumps. I have just not had the best of luck when it comes to reading lately…

Oh well, this was still a great run. I loved seeing what other participates were reading and how they were doing. I will definitely be joining up for August, so wish me luck for that!

If you participated, how well did you do? Did you make your goal?
If not, how many did you miss?

Talk to me!


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