Beg Me – Review

Beg Me.jpg BEG ME – REVIEW

by: Giselle St. Claire

Published: March 12, 2017

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My stepbrother, Aiden, was all I had left. After he inherited his father’s multi-million dollar company, we entered a partnership. It wasn’t what I’d pictured. He wanted me to make the best use of my assets and paraded me in front of his business associates.

Then I saw him. Lucas Ferris. He wasn’t like the others who were middle-aged and pot-bellied. He was sex on a stick. Six foot four with inky black hair. I swear he smoldered when he looked at me. I did my work for Aiden that night and left, returned to my room and went to bed. But the door opened later that night and I discovered that my stepbrother sold my virginity to Mr. Ferris and he was here to collect.

My revenge, when it comes, will be brutal and Aiden will discover he underestimated his sister. As for Mr Ferris, well, he’s doing things to my body that I never thought I wanted but craved so much…


This was an interesting novella. There were parts I loved and other parts I thought were meh.

The blurb sounded so good, and parts of it definitely were. But her revenge? I think she took it a little too far, considering what didn’t happen to her. I get she was hurt and betrayed by her step-brother, but still. Some of that action was a little too meh.

And as for the blurb, I loved the hot male and the twists, but the feisty female? I did not see her at all. Raegan was more of a ‘walk all over me’ type of character. She did plot her revenge, but even then, she wasn’t feisty. At that point, she was more of a bitch than anything. I can’t say I blame her entirely after the way her step-brother treated her. But she could have done a few things differently. She just struck me as more of a revengeful type than feisty. I would have loved to see more of her character being drawn out, more independent.

Ugh, overall, I think the book could have been better executed. Although, I did enjoy the ending, so there is that.

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