Blog Ahead, Again — Mini Challenge for May

Hey everyone! Omg. I had so much fun with the last Blog Ahead Challenge. I’m jumping at the chance to do it again!

Because this one is a mini challenge, the number of posts are cut in half. Last October (2015), the goal was to schedule 30 posts that would go live after November 1st. The goal here is to schedule 15 posts! I’m assuming for after June 1st? (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Blog Ahead

Check out the rules and my goals below. And join me in the fun this time around!

Here are my goals:

I’m going to start with 0, since all of my currently scheduled posts are for April. By the time the challenge starts, I probably won’t have any. Look out for my stats in the updates. 😀

20 posts (+5 on original goal)
Get ahead with Top Ten Tuesday posts
Complete backlog of tags and awards (sorry guys, I have a ton!)

The Rules:

The Goal: Increase your number of “Scheduled Posts” by 15 posts.

(ex. If you start with 0 scheduled you end with 15 scheduled. If you start with 15 scheduled you end with 30 scheduled)

The Dates: 

May 1-15

Who Can Join:

Any blogger or author with a blog! Genre/type doesn’t matter.

Create a sign up post & link back to here!

This can also be where you track your progress and add notes along the way. It’s also a spot for everyone else to come by and cheer you on 🙂

Yesss. Guys, do it with me! It’ll be fun, especially if you’re going to be busy towards the end of May, early June. Like me. I am always busy then. 

If you’re going to join, what are some of your goals?


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  1. I’m definitely going to do this!

      1. I will 🙂 If I remember that is XD

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