I'm on a Book Blogger Blind Date with Nicole from The Booktrovert


Hi everyone! Earlier in July, Jill from Rant and Rave about Books came up with an outstanding idea: the Book Blogger Blind Date. It started off with the basic idea of interviews with different book bloggers. But then, Jill decided she wanted the freedom of not having strict interviews, so it turned into a blind date.

We all signed up, and then got paired with someone with like tastes. I was paired with the awesome Nicole from The Booktrovert! (Click the link for her post!)


Meet my date!

Hello!  I am Nicole.  I am in my 30s and live in Richmond, VA with my husband and our two dogs, Oliver and Arya.  I have been an avid lifelong reader.  I learned to read with the help of Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever and never stopped.  As a kid of the 80s and 90s I am well versed in the Baby-Sitters Club and anything I could get my hands on through the Scholastic Book Fair or Trumpet Book Club.  Young Adult Fiction has never stopped speaking to me, and I am still a frequent reader of the genre. I also like things having to do with a dystopia, apocalypse or post-apocalypse. Literary fiction is also in my to-be-read list.  Graphic novels are new to me, but I am reading a lot trying to find out what I like.

When not reading I like to try to stay active either running, hiking, doing yoga or some other cardio activity. I work an office job so for 40 hours a week as I am pushing papers I am also usually listening to podcasts that are either bookish, sciencey or comedic in nature. I like to keep my politics progressive and spend time volunteering in ways which help various social justice causes.

(I just nabbed this from her About page!)

Together, we decided we would ask each other 5 questions. Nicole’s questions were pretty unique and I definitely had fun answering them. In case you missed the link from above, click on over here to see the questions she asked me, and to see my answers!

Here were my questions to Nicole:

1. If you could pick one book (besides Harry Potter) that has significantly impacted your life, what would it be and why?

So many books have impacted me in so many different ways so it’s hard to choose. I will go with The Hunger Games. When the Hunger Games came out, I had been in a several year reading slump. A friend urged me to borrow her copy and I instantly got sucked into the world Suzanne Collins created. Since then I have been reading just as much if not more than I did as a kid. The Hunger Games also opened my eyes to young adult fiction which really wasn’t a thing when I was a teenager. YA has had a significant impact on my life as an adult, because as I read it helps to heal some of the issues I had as a teen and brought along to adulthood..

2. What are some words or tropes that turn you off to reading a book?

Love triangles. Can’t stand them. Which might be funny because of my Hunger Games answer previously, but I see the situation in that book with a little more nuance than how many love triangles appear in books. Insta-love is a tired trope that I think can be a bit harmful if younger girls read it too often and feel that if they aren’t experiencing that there is something wrong with their relationships. I also don’t care to read weak female characters who need “saving.”

3. What makes you give a book 5 stars? 1 star?

Five star books generally give me a visceral emotional reaction. If I leave the book feeling like my outlook on various things in life has changed or expanded, that is likely to be a 5 star book. On the flipside, I very rarely give one star reviews. Mostly I reserve this for a book that I cannot finish due to it being incoherent or spreading false information. (I did this once for a self help type of book which basically said that people who get cancer do so because they have a bad mental attitude.)

4. What is your happiest reading memory?

About a year or so ago I went camping in Colorado and had a great spot on the banks of the Rio Grande. I sat there listening to the water and taking in the crisp air while reading Station Eleven. It was a very peaceful experience.

5. If you could throw a themed party for your favorite book, tell me what you’d have: type of food/drinks, decorations, party favors, etc.

I love dystopian fiction. So if I liked to party (you are asking an introvert here! hehehe) I’d do a general dystopian theme. I’d ask the guests to come as their favorite characters from the post-apocalypse. Food would be a barbecue because you might not have many other options when the world is out of sorts. I’d have a selection of craft beers to drink because the water might not be safe! Everyone would get a small bag as a party favor containing survival gear, knives, flashlight, paracord etc. Does that sound fun to people? It actually sounds fun to me!

Thank you so much, Nicole, for being part of my Blind Date! This was so much fun!
And, a huge thank you to Jill, for making this all possible!
I hope you guys enjoyed this blind date. 😉

Have any of you been on a real life blind date?

Until next time,



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  1. Reading Station Eleven by the Rio Grande sounds awesome. Camping while reading it seems appropriate. Loved that book.
    x The Captain

  2. Avatar rantandraveaboutbooks says:

    I love The Hunger Games! I would want a district themed party! 🙂 Thanks for taking part in the event. I’m going to head over and read the next part of your blind date. 🙂

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