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Book Buying Habits

I saw this over at Paperback Bri, and decided I wanted to give it a try. It seemed like fun!

This tag was created on booktube by Megan Oliver.

So let’s get started.

1. Where do you buy your books from?

Mostly, I buy books from the library. In various posts, I’ve stated that we have a bookstore inside of all the libraries. It’s a really cool idea. You can donate any used books you want to your local library. In turn, they sell it to help support the library and the surrounding community.

2. Do you ever pre-orders book and if so do you do this in store or online?

I hardly ever pre-order books. Mostly because I have so much to read, that even when I actually do buy the book, I probably won’t read it for a long time. I can specifically remember 3 books I pre-ordered. Annnd. I actually did read 2/3 books when I got them. But still. Those odds are not too good, because the second book was for a tour where there was a mix-up with the eARC and I never received it. So I had to wait for the print ARC, and in the meantime, my final print copy arrived in the mail.

3. On average, how many books do you buy a month?

Buy? Like “does it cost money” buy? Hardly any. I’m a huge sucker for the Kindle freebies! Also, there’s NetGalley. In which I am super behind in my books. As bad as it is, I hardly buy print books anymore, unless they’re from the bookstore in the library…

4. Do you used your local library?

Ahaha. This depends. Because I am so behind in my NetGalley progress, no I don’t use my local library. However, I do go there to hit up the mini bookstores. BUT. I do have a library card, and it is current.

5. If so- how my books can you/do you borrow at a time?

I think I can borrow as many as I want? I’m not too sure… However, look at previous question. 😛

6. What is your opinion on library books?

I love them. Theoretically, it saves me money! And then if I truly love, love, love the book, I will go buy it. But… I don’t really use the library.

7. How do you feel about charity shop/second hand books?

OUTSTANDING! That is where 95% of my books come from. Not even gunna lie, haha.

8. Do you keep your read and TBR pile together/on the same book shelf or not?

Yes and No. I don’t really have shelves. I keep all of my books in my spare walk-in closet. It has 2 shelves, and all the books are just stacked together. Annnnd if I’m being completely honest… 90% of the print books I own are unread, and on my TBR. I know, I know. How sad is that? I just read more Kindle books (or eARCs lately)… *shrugs*

9. Do you plan to read all of the books that you own?

Um. Yes! Well, I plan to… Doesn’t everyone?

10. What do you do with books you that you own that you feel you will never read/felt you did not enjoy?

I donate them. The libraries in town are always looking for donations. Or when I lived near a Half Price Bookstore, I would sell them there.

11. Have you ever donated books?


12. Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

Once. It actually went pretty well. Except, I ended up requesting tons of books on NetGalley as a way around buying books. So I guess, technically, it did not go too well. Ugh. Oh well!

13. Do you feel that you buy too many books?

Only with the Kindle Freebies. I say that because there are just so many of them! I have over 1500 books on my Kindle. I may never read them all 🙁 . 

I tag everyone!



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  1. I also download way too many Kindle freebies. It’s so hard to resist when they don’t cost any money and they aren’t taking up any physical space in your house! I’m not sure how many I have, but I do know that there are way too many haha

  2. Avatar rantandraveaboutbooks says:

    That’s awesome that your library has a store you can buy books from. The Philadelphia library system is really big and I don’t think we have that here. Good idea though.

  3. Avatar Random Reads says:

    Great tag!! I personally never buy books and always get them at the library.

  4. Avatar Rae Longest says:

    I am a sucker. If the book sounds good, I can’t wait for a later purchase; I order it full price, then and there. I am not computer savvy enough (senior citizen/laptop user) to use a kindle, nor do I dare buy any more “electronic toys” than I already have! My husband of 52 years would divorce me. Ha!

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