30 Lays in 30 Days – Review

Wow. This book was H-O-T hot! Love it! <3


Rate: 5/5
Pages: 201
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Omg. This is one steamy book! Cat and Jackson are super cute in my opinion!

So there’s Cat. She’s twenty nine, recently divorced, and wants to take the world on. Her and her best friend, Beth, come up with a list after having sex with a random stranger. This list contains 30 sexual activities which Cat will complete in 30 days, before she turns 30 years old.

Her ex-husband, Richard, was a dud in bed and unfortunately, the only man she has slept with. She wants to find sexual gratification and ultimately, find herself with this list. She picks up the first random guy she finds and they have sex. Afterward, she leans over the balcony of his room and yells to the street below how awesome it is to have sex with a random person. She comes up with the idea to create her list.

Some of the things on her list are actually pretty awesome. The scenes are so steamy and once she meets Jackson, it’s over. Their chemistry is sizzling! Cat tells him of her list and he offers to help her complete one act.

After a while, Richard comes back with a loaded gun. She takes on the roll of something he says in order to save her dad. Shit hits the fan and the story explodes! She loses Jackson, whom she is coming to realize she loves, becomes blackmailed, and finds there is no way out.

Her brain starts ticking and realizes she can plan the ultimate revenge and get someone off her back forever. Oooh! The plan she comes up with is nothing short of outstanding and I only wish I could have thought of it!

The story just goes wayyyy up from there! So amazing! A few scenes made me want to act them out on my own! Woooooh!

Definitely check it out with the links above if you’re in the mood for a steamy, romance novel! You will not be disappointed!

*I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.

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