Cheaters Anonymous – Review

This was not what I expected… It was so much better!


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Pages: 312
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This book had me hooked from the first chapter! It kept me hooked all the way until the end! Absolutely loved it!

It starts out with Jules pulling a shift at the ER; she’s a doctor. A guy comes in, semi-naked, paint smeared all over his body and his penis stuck in a pump. Yes, an erotic penis pump. As she’s trying to figure out how it got suck, she realizes she knows this guy. His name is Scar and they used to be best friends in high school.

Tiny backstory — in high school, Scar was known for breaking couples up because he believed that every single person would cheat on their significant other. It was plainly human nature. Because his father cheated on his mother numerous times. He has never had a single relationship because of this. ┬áIn a sense, Jules believed it too because her parents were divorced because her dad cheated on her mom.

They also know each other from six years ago. They shared one fantastic night stuck in the cave, in the mountains on an extremely cold night. Their passion was so intense, they have been struggling to find it again.

Within those next six years, Jules becomes a sex addict. The one out-of-this-world orgasm Scar gave her with his fingers that one night, has been something she has been trying to recreate. However, she can’t. So she has sex with tons of guys to try. In doing so, she becomes a sex addict. Moving out of state, and going to group is helping; Cheaters Anonymous.

Within those six years, Scar tries to do the same. He sleeps with numerous women to find that one connection he had with Jules. Keeping to his principles, he never has a relationship because he would be bound to cheat on her and it would be over.

Both of them never sleep with the same person twice.

Until they reconnect.

Well, in comes a terrible jerk. Someone they both knew from high school. Someone who is keeping a grudge against Jules because Scar stopped her from sleeping with him in high school because he drugged her drink at a party. This guy is completely bad news. I knew it, the second the author brought him in.

Before you know it, you’ve got a mystery unfolding and the suspense kept me up! I went to bed late because this book was so damn good!

Amazingly outstanding! HEA ending, in the best way possible. Just the right amount of sex, for the right amount of mystery.

*I have received this book for free in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.

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