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Hello fellow bookworms! Here’s another book review; however, this book is NSFW. You’ve been warned. 😉


Rate: 4/5
Pages: 399
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I first found out about this book through the 1-Click Addict Support Group on Facebook. There was a woman on there posted a picture of how many books she had read in one week (over 10!), and the author, Piper Trace, asked her if she would be interested in reading her book in exchange for an honest review. The woman said she would love to and they exchanged information through private message.

I looked Piper Trace up on Amazon and found that I could really enjoy this book they talked about. A billionaire, a semi-innocent woman, and a biker? Yessss. So I reached out to her. Next thing you know, I have another book on the top of my TBR pile. So I finished Like Candy, put up my review, and started on Come When Called.

My first impression was that this was going to be one hot book. I was not disappointed.

It starts out like any normal book; girl meets guy, guy is attracted to girl, girl gives guy blow job, girl gets fired from job, boy hires girl to become his personal assistant. However, this is not a normal book. This book is nothing short of good and the sex scenes were steamy. After the scene in the law library, I knew I had to have more! I had to know about Ford.

After the library scene, Ford approaches Evie with a job and she accepts it. This is not an ordinary job. The job offered is being his assistant, but after the initial interview, there is no mention of actual assistant work. However, because of the mind-blowing blow job he received, he adds that as part of her duties. So really, her job is being Ford’s plaything. In turn, she stays for a year, receives $500,000 and he will pay for her to go to law school, if she so chooses. Her body will be his for one year. 365 days. She agrees and moves into his beautiful gated home, knowing that maybe she could escape her crazy ex-boyfriend.

In comes the best friend, Charley. Charley has known Ford for many years and is the only person that Ford lets into his house. Well… Charley has been in love with Ford and would love to do nothing more than suck his you-know-what. This is when the book takes an awesome turn, and Charley’s dream comes true. With that, comes Evie. Evie is not only Ford’s, but now, she is Charley’s and it is part of her job to let each of the men take her, hard and fast, whenever they please.

Things heat up, sexually and otherwise, when the crazy ex finds out what Evie has done. All their lives are in danger. Threats happen, some followed through, others not.

The steamy scenes between the three of them is just what Ford needs and craves underneath his tough exterior. The story unfolds beautifully, and left you feeling satisfied. With just a touch of HEA.

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