Escaping Reality – Review

Major cliffhanger, but worth it!


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Pages: 337
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First off, I must say this book was super good. However, I did only give it four stars because something kept bugging me this whole story…

Amy Bensen is from New York, but suddenly has to move to Denver, Colorado. Something funky is going on and someone is after her. Her “handler” just tapes a note to the bathroom mirror and basically says run. So she does.

On the way to Denver, she meets this dark, charming, mysterious billionaire. Liam is on his way to Denver to show some important people an architectural designs for a building. He does not take no for an answer, and soon Amy finds herself slipping under his spell.

He drives her home from the airport and notices that all she has is a tiny suitcase. Even though she said her job was moving her to Denver. Being the billionaire that he is, he spends money to make sure she is comfortable. She refuses and he does what he wanted from the beginning.

Anyway, the story picks up as she starts work for this boss that she knows nothing about. In the management office for her apartment, she meets a nice lady Meg. Who knows her boss and her boss’s assistant. However, when Amy asks for help, Meg is all too slow in offering and following through with helping. Something shady is going on there too.

Which brings me to my final point.

The whole story tells of how she is supposed to keep a low profile because someone is hunting her. While this is happening, I am left sitting here wondering why she wouldn’t avoid Liam because he’s a billionaire? He gets attention when it’s not wanted. That’s bad news for her. (This is why I didn’t rate 5/5.) I understand the allure of Liam and everything, but damn girl. Stay out of the spotlight. Ahh!

With that being said and the cliffhanger I was left with, makes me understand why she didn’t leave. That’s just the practical side in me though.

Overall, this book is pretty damn good and I know when I have the extra cash, I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series. Damn cliffhangers!

*I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.


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