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Hello bookworms! One of my library books is complete. Yes! Only one to go, then it is back to my Kindle books. I just keep buying more, while I have no time to read them. Anyway… This one was good, but I must say I did not realize it was part of a series until I looked at Goodreads. By then, I was already a quarter way through.

falling away

However, that is okay though because I feel like I did not need to know the other character’s story before I read this one. With some series, you need to know the back story in order to fully understand what is going on and who everyone is. This is the exception to that. K.C. had appeared in the two other books prior to hers, but this story told me everything I needed to know about her.

Rate: 4/5
Pages: 432
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Two broken people. Two tortured souls.

K.C. has always followed the rules, because of her terrible childhood. Until she goes to college and ends up breaking the law. She gets arrested and sentenced community service in her hometown. She heads there for the summer to serve her sentences but gets reacquainted with Jax. The next door neighbor (when she moves back). The guy whom she lusted after in high school.

Jax is the loud party type person. He has a dark past and loves to keep secrets. In the beginning of the book, he is the guy that everyone loves. Womanizer, lacrosse player, race car driver, party man. However, he also lusted after K.C., who would never give him the time of day in high school.

K.C. starts her community service, as a tutor for her high school. Her job is to help students with their writing, which is her favorite subject in school. Jax is coaching the lacrosse team. They cross paths and were bound to because K.C.’s mother banished her from returning home when she got arrested. K.C. is staying at her best friend Tate’s house, who’s boyfriend is Jax’s brother, Jared.

As the story unfolds, K.C. and Jax get into fights, they kiss and it is all over. She wants to stay far away from him because he reeks of trouble. Jax keeps pushing her until she gives in. Well, that’s not everything. They both have secrets about their family. They both share scared childhoods, and both of them are not who they say they are. Little by little, they both open up, or so you think. One is carrying the most secrets and it will tear them apart.

I have a knack for ruining things so I cannot say more. However, there are a couple sex scenes, which I completely condone and enjoy reading. Overall, it was a good book. I loved the plot line and how everything unfolded. I was hesitant to give it 5 stars because there are a couple of areas that leave you confused as hell. No, it was not because I didn’t read the other books first. It was because K.C.’s story involves so many different people, that the author did not do the greatest job at keeping everything separate. She would mention something vague once, then not touch on it. Then, bam! The whole story spilled out with names that had not been mentioned prior. I did have to read a few passages an extra time before I fully caught on. When you figure it out, it will blow your mind. I had to stop reading and recover from that.

Anyway, it was good enough for me to look into her other books. Which is something I rarely do, unless I really like you. Which would be awesome.


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