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Yesss! Another book done, one book closer to finishing my Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge!


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A little YA mystery, anyone? Oooh, this one is probably one of the best books I’ve read this year. I can guarantee you that I will be buying the sequel when it comes out this fall!

Ok, so there’s Candy. She just turned 18, and lived with her aunt after her mom died. Her dad is like a super spy, except he never admits it. When her mom died of cancer, six years ago, her aunt (mother’s sister) thought her dad was not fit to be a parent because he always traveled for work. Life at her aunt’s house was a disaster and she knew she had to go home to her father. As soon as she turned 18, she did.

She starts her senior year of high school, 200 miles away from her aunt and her terrible cousins. She has old friends and makes new friends, and starts to have feelings for the “new” guy who started school last year.

Candy has a rival, Parker, who made her life a living hell before she was forced to live with her aunt. Well, Parker is in full force when Candy comes back, except she invites Candy to sit with them at lunch. It becomes Candy’s new thing. One of her other things is revenge. Her ex-boyfriend (when she lived at her aunt’s house) cheated on her and she got him back for it. Her cousin was mean to her, so Candy retaliated. In turn, when she comes home, Parker was mean to her before she moved away, so now it was time to get her back.

The weeks move on and Candy starts to really like this mysterious new guy named Jonah. They have cute chemistry and he seems like a nice guy. Well….. her dad becomes suspicious and she is not to see him anymore.

Things go downhill from there and BANG! The story ends on a crazy ass note. With a side note of… To be continued when the next book comes out. AMAZING.

This book had me guessing at every turn! What is Candy going to do next? Why does her father never answer any questions? What the hell is going on? Slowly… You start to realize certain things are true, and others are not. Love it!

*I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.


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  3. I started out reading your review for the sequel, but I hate hearing about sequels before the first book. You had me hooked at mystery! This is definitely going on the TBR. 🙂

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Awesome! I love when people add books I’ve read to their TBR! 😉 I hope you enjoy it! Then sequel too. It’s pretty sweet.

      1. Haha. Thanks! Fingers crossed!

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