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This book took me a while to read. It was a little slow in the beginning, but then I got sick and fell a little behind in school so this one got pushed aside.

Unfortunately, I was not able to make the release day like I had hoped, but the review is better late than never, right? I hope…


Rate: 3/5
Pages: 222
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Sally, oh Sally. Smh.

So the book starts out with a couple, Sally and Peter, getting married. She is in a beautiful dress, beautiful setting… Then all of a sudden, she sees someone who is not supposed to be there and she rushes off to talk to them. Come to find out, it’s her mother. Who is never supposed to come near here. Sally is rude, tells her off, and her mom hands her a lottery scratch ticket, says good luck and leaves.

Soon after that, Peter and Sally are off, on their way to the honeymoon. Things do not go as planned and Sally ends up in a coma. Peter is devastated and all he does is visit her in the hospital.

One day, he meets a friend, Grace, and she asks him to help out with some renovations at the hospital. He accepts and slowly starts to come out of this shell that is his life. As things start to get better for Peter, Sally’s consciousness slowly starts to come back and she appears to Grace as a ghost.

Sally formed a web of lies and constructed her perfect future. Things start to unravel, secrets get told, Peter gets hurt, and everything falls apart; only Sally can fix things. But she’s still in a coma. Will Sally get her happily ever after, or was she doomed from the start?

This book definitely started out slow. Most of the time, I like my books to start with a bang. This one had a car crash, but it wasn’t huge. The plot was good, but the characters? Sally had a tiny bit of promise, but as the story unfolded, I started to not like her. I mean, in the beginning, there was obviously a reason as to why she thinks of her mother as dead. Something happened there. But it wasn’t enough to not like her. As the story progressed, I ended up not liking her at all. She only did one good thing throughout the whole story. However, it wasn’t enough to redeem herself. One character in a long time that I didn’t like.

It progressed at a good rate, even had me jumping for the next page, but overall, I feel like I didn’t click with it. The plot was developed, but it was Sally that kind of ruined it for me. Also, some of the punctuation bothered me. It had an apostrophe where quotation marks were supposed to me. Some of the dialogue seemed to mix into the paragraphs and it was hard to tell it apart. Otherwise, the format was pretty good as well.

Oh well, better luck next time.  It’s always hit or miss, right?

*I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.


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