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Another book finished! This one did take me awhile, as I’m afraid to admit. Normally, I fly right through Sarah’s books. This time though, I had wayyy to much homework, and that plus my daily life, made me read slower this time.


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Pages: 432
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Saint Anything was everything I thought and more. The only word I can think to describe is it AMAZEBALLS.

Sydney is invisible to everyone around her, namely her family. Her older brother, Peyton, has gotten himself into quite a bit of trouble with the law and ends up in prison. For driving drunk and paralyzing a kid, who was riding his bike home, late at night. Still, Sydney stays invisible.

As the book progresses, Sydney wants to step out of her brother’s shadow and changes schools in hope for some change. She finds it, among a new group of friends. Her new friend, Layla, is spunky and loves helping in her family pizza shop. She starts to feel normal, happy even.

However, her parents are still occupied with Peyton, even though he is the better part of an hour’s drive away in prison. Her mom thinks that he’s just away at school and that everything is okay. Peyton is still her son and can do almost no wrong in her eyes. She tries to get parents together to do a function, she tries to see him all she can, and she even calls the Warden to find out why Peyton’s phone privileges got taken away. Honestly, I wanted to smack her mom and just tell her to grow up and realize where her son really is.

Sydney starts to settle into her new life, away from Peyton, and she tells her story to Layla, whom she thinks will judge her. When Layla does not judge her, she opens up more and more and starts to become part of Layla’s group. Mac, Layla’s older brother, works at the pizza shop – owned by their father. He is also in a band with Layla’s ex and a few other friends. This group opens up to Sydney and she is finding herself in a new light.

One thing I love about Sarah’s books, is that all the characters seem realistic rather than made up. You find that you can relate to each character, even if just in a small way. This book is all from Sydney’s point of view and consists of hard situations, a creeper named Ames, and friends that quickly become family.

I have always loved Sarah’s book and this one was no exception. I am sad to say though, I read somewhere yesterday and Saint Anything is going to be her last novel for a while. When the day comes for another you, you can bet a million dollars, I will be right there buying it. The day it comes out. Yesss. Until next time, Sarah. Xoxo.

Have you read her latest? What did you think?


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  1. I absolutely LOVE this book. I’m so glad you liked it too!

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