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According to the blurb, this was supposed to be so intriguing. I am disappointed to say that it was not.

Anyway, the basic story line is that there is this group of three girls in high school. Tara, who seems to be the main character, is the jock / health nut. Whitney, who is the popular one and the snob. Finally, Pinkie who seems to be the book-smart one and somewhat the one that holds the group together.

The story is told from three separate points of view. Which, I actually felt to be quite annoying. I love when there are two points of view, but personally, I think a third one is just a bit much.

Oh, then there is Brent, who is Tara’s football boyfriend. Well, one day, Whitney shows Tara a picture, that was rumored to be of Brent kissing another guy. Key fact here: rumor.

Everything gets ruined after that. Normal girl drama. Tara gets mad at Whitney, the messenger. Pinkie then gets mad at Whitney because she showed Tara the picture because they did not know for a fact if it was true. Tara storms off. End scene.

Then…. Come to find out that it wasn’t true, but damage was already done to everyone in the story. But… In comes another character, Riley. Who Whitney thinks is trying to steal Brent from Tara. Except, she’s not.

When Riley’s true motives are revealed and when Tara’s life changes, with the threesome push passed it, or will it drag them all down?

Ahhh. Ok, so, I liked the plot of the story; however, it was the three points of view that sort of ruined it for me. The characters were somewhat developed, but I just cannot get over the points of view. I could not relate to any of them and had a hard time liking them.

Annnd. Literally, after one paragraph, I had the rest of the book figured out. Granted, I did not know certain details, but I got the gist of it. That is definitely saying something because I am terrible at finding the who-dun-its of books. Or TV shows. I am usually sooo wrong. So I was rather disappointed. Oh well, better luck next time!

*I have received a copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.


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