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How I found time to read this, I have no idea. I have been drowning in school work; it’s never ending!



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Holy crap. This is going to be a short review.

Gloria, who lost her husband 12 years ago, finds a love letter in between the pages of a poetry book. She keeps the note but feels bad, so she goes the next day to return the note to the book.

Upon finding the book, there is a guy. Bryan, who also wanted that book and is a professor at the local college. She mistakenly thinks he wrote the letter and he does not tell her he didn’t.

They talk and he tells a tale with a lady named Courtney. And they start to like each other even though he’s lying about his love for Courtney and the love letter.

Before you know it, Gloria finds out the truth and all hell breaks loose. Then… Plot twist!

Now, I love a good plot twist, and this definitely had one. However, the book was super short. I feel like the characters did not have major depth, and I feel like the book was rushed. Within the time span of a week and a half, things happen, then two weeks go by before you see the end in sight.

I would have rated this book higher had there been more information. Had there been more meaning to the story versus he got caught in a lie and tries to redeem himself. I feel really gypped. I must add though, if this story were longer and more drawn out, I probably would have liked it. It has great potential.

*I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.


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