Wrong Number, Right Guy – Review

Another #TackleTBR book done and reviewed. I am rocking this! Well, I think so. 😀



Rate: 4/5
Pages: 341
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I will definitely be picking up another Elle Casey book! First time author for me and she got me hooked!

Wrong Number, Right Guy was fantastic. I liked the characters and I loved the setting and plot of this book.

May Wexler gets a text from a wrong number and assumes it’s her sister, who was getting a new phone. She thought new phone, new temporary number, right? Wrong! May shows up at this seedy bar across town because she thinks her sister is there getting drunk with her kids. Mind you, they’re small kids, so Aunt May is to the rescue. However, when she gets there, she can’t find her sister, nor can she find her sister’s kids. All of a sudden the place gets shot up and May is being rescued by a huge guy with a very ugly beard.

The guy, Ozzie, grabs her and they run. Until they’re safe. However, Ozzie instructs May to not go back for her car but she does and she gets followed home. She calls Ozzie in a panic and he takes care of her.

Well…. Little does she realize what she has gotten herself into. Being a photographer, she somehow lands a job with Ozzie and his crew. The Bourbon Street Boys.

Things go up hill, they go down hill, and May is caught in the middle. All the while, she is falling in lust with Ozzie, who is now her boss.

Will they catch the bad guys together? Or did May just fall in step with the bad guys?

Oooh! This book has like two steamy sex scenes, but they are so worth it!

I adored this plot. The scenes were great and Ozzie sounds totally hot! May seems like a little chicken at times, but man, can she fight back.

This book ended on a happy note and made me glad I chose to request it.

*I have received this book in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.


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