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Welcome back to the weekly meme, hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous! Thank you for hosting!

This week has been crazy in terms of having any free time.

too busy

For real though.

I honestly wish I could say it is just that time of the year. Except…



♡ Ok, so last Wednesday, it was spent at the local VA hospital for my father-in-law Dr appt. Which really, wasn’t too bad. All is good.

♡ Thursday, the previous meme went up. Homework monopolized most of my time. Then I had a Parent/Teacher Conference with Caden’s teacher. Since we just had the annual IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting, there wasn’t too much to talk about at the conference. He’s doing pretty good. Hopefully, he’s on track for Kindergarten next year! Cross your fingers!

♡ Friday. I had a Dr appt for myself. Then was busy the rest of the day, running errands. I got absolutely NO homework done.

say what

♡ Yep. That meant I had to do the good majority of my homework over the weekend.

♡ Then, the week resumed as normal. So I guess, really, it was just those few days that I was crazy busy!

♡ So I finally got the rest of my Christmas presents ordered. They should be here within the next few days, then I shall wrap them. All pretty like. Hopefully. I’m not too good at wrapping presents. However, I have gotten better as the years have went on.

♡ Oh! I logged onto NetGalley the other day, and noticed that my count was 6 higher than it was last time I logged on… Ahh! I hadn’t requested anymore since last month, but those were the ones that were approved since the last time I checked. Oops… This next year, I totally resolve to get that number below 10. I have already signed up for a couple of blog tours, so I will get those in between my ARCs. But soon, I shall have very little. How on earth do you guys manage all the ARCs?

♡ I think I am struggling because I am trying to juggle so many other things all at once. Right now, because I am back at a 3000+ page textbook, I am finding no motivation whatsoever to read my other books. I do like some of the reading we’re doing, like The Canterbury Tales. However, because there is so much (500+ pages a week – sometimes), I am dead to all the other books. Where Lemons Bloom has been my current book for 2.5 weeks now. Just about the same amount of time has passed since my current class started. Thank god, I get Christmas Break that starts on the 22nd. Maybe, I’ll read two books! One a week. That would be awesome! Wish me luck!

What’s happened in your week? Hope it wasn’t as busy as mine!


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  1. Good luck! Not long ’til the 22nd and the break. Hang in there! 🙂

  2. Nearly Christmas! I Hope your presents are arriving! 😉 I love wrapping.Good luck finding time to read!

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Haha! Thanks! Just had a couple more arrive today. Still have to wrap everything! I haven’t wrapped a single present yet. It’s on my to-do list for tonight or tomorrow. 😉

      1. Haha. I’ve been doing some as I have time. Good luck!

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