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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the weekly meme, Bookish Thoughts, hosted by the awesome Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous!

Happy New Year everyone! We are almost a week into January, a week into the new year. Are you guys still excited? Or are you over the hype? Me? I’m a little of both.

holidays are over

I’m glad to be back from break, although, I did enjoy the break from the huge textbook.

Anyways, click more to see what’s been going on this week.

♡ As we start the new year, January should have lots of lovely books coming my way. On the 4th, I finished up one book for a tour towards the end of the month. I’m about 60% through the second book of the month, for a tour coming Sunday. I have three more tours this month; two are actual tours, and the other is a release blast. So much fun!

♡ I am really loving these tours. Except for the part where I think I have too much going on. Then I look at the calendar and think, “Nah, I can do this!”

♡ Speaking of tours, I am participating in two, back to back, the first week of February. So that means I have to read 5 books, at least, within the next three weeks. If I actually do it, I will be so amazed! Unfortunately, only one of those books goes towards my NetGalley counts. It’s up to 38 now. All the others, are random ones I signed up for, except for one, where the publicist got in touch with me. Yay!

♡ Reading wise, January will be a busy month! Also, ending a class within the next two weeks. And starting a new class in two weeks. Ahh! I have a full schedule! Starting the new year off right, reading tons of books! Yess!

♡ Alrighty, sorry for all the !!!s. I’m just excited. School is blah, so I have to get excited about other things. Lol.

♡ Ok, so. Caden was super thrilled to be going back to school. Each day this week, an hour before the bus comes, he wants to go to school. It’s like he can’t wait. It’s actually pretty adorable.

♡ He loves all of his toys that he received for Christmas and goes crazy with them. Oh, and his new favorite movie (again) in Cars. I have seen that so many damn times over the Christmas break… Dang Lightening McQueen! 😛

♡ Guys, I’m looking to start a monthly feature, but I’m not sure what to do… I’m thinking a feature where it showcases what I have watched on TV for the month, the books I’ve read, and the music I’ve listened to. But.. I’m not sure what to call it! I need some suggestions, please. I’d love you forever!

♡ Also, for my recipes, I’m thinking I should call it: Kendra’s Kitchen. With a cute little graphic. That I am just learning how to make on Canva. It’s a pretty cool website, but I digress. What do you guys think?

Are you guys starting any new memes this year? Or features? Let me know!


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  1. Avatar Cindi says:

    Kendra’s Kitchen sounds like a place I would want to visit. Too much fun.

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