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Happy Thursday!

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My last week was kind of a downer, so I am vowing this week to be positive!


♡ On a down note – super quick – my Blog Ahead posts from October, are pretty much gone now. I need another Blog Ahead! Also. I need ideas for more posts. I’m running short. Shocking, I know. What would you like to see on my blog?

♡ Positive note! I am enjoying my new class. I thought I wouldn’t, but I am learning so much about the writing process and how to direct your essay the way you want it.


♡ I’m filing my taxes this weekend… Despite what everyone says, I’m looking forward to filing them. I’m weird that way, don’t ask. 😀

♡ After I tried super hard to finish The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, I set it town. At 83%. Oh man, I tried. It was just so slow. You can find my review here, if you want. But, I am hoping to pick it back up when my schedule is free. I have a few more books to get to for tours at the beginning of February.

♡ Speaking of that, after spending so much time on RWB, I was able to finish Into the Fire within 36 hours. I was super excited. Man, it was amazing. Look for my review next week.

♡ My blogging calendar for February is shaping up pretty nicely… I still have tons of open days, mostly because I need to just sit down and write. I’m having a hard time lately. Especially since I am running out of topics… Grah! I know this ties in with my first one, but I looked over at my calendar and was reminded all over again.

♡ I cannot wait for spring break. Well, Caden’s technically. I don’t get one. My parents are coming for a visit, schedules and whatnot permitting. They get to see my house! You know, the one I have been in since May 2015. Yay! I’m super excited to show them around. Cross your fingers and wish luck upon us, so that they may visit. 😉

♡ This week, I am obsessed with this song. Unfortunately, she is not nearly as hot as Blake. But one can wish, right? 😉 Haha.

♡ My Spotify Discover Playlist has been letting me down lately. They’re not adding any good songs. Thank god it changes every Monday. They need better stuff. I’m almost thinking I want to head back to Pandora, because then I don’t have to search for a specific song, or play through the lists I play constantly. I like the shuffle and not being able to pick songs… Hmm.

Anything happening in your week? What’s going on? Let me know!



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  1. I already filed my taxes and I am so glad that I did! I guess Iʻm also one of those weird people who enjoy filing taxes, too…I even tricked my other half into letting me do his for him, haha.

    The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is on my TBR list but Iʻm not sure when Iʻll be able to pick it up, especially if itʻs a slow read. Right now, I really prefer fast paced reads that get me interested and hold my attention right from the start…Iʻm not sure why, maybe itʻs because life with a six month old is fast paced in itself and I like my reading to keep up with that.

    It seems so crazy that spring break is already just around the corner. I hope that everything works out and that your parents will get to visit with yʻall!

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