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Hey everyone, and welcome back!

It’s Thursday!

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this close

This week has been fairly calm, which is good of course.

♡ Is it just me, or did January fly by? I can’t believe it’s already February.

♡ Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much done in January as I wanted to. I was stuck in that reading slump for like 3 weeks. Man, I could have read 2 other books… At least I’m not entirely behind on my challenges yet, so that’s good.

♡ February is going to be a busy reading month as well. Yay! Let’s just hope I can keep up the 1 book a week. But. I am going for more than 1. We’ll see.

♡ I have started my official (unofficial) countdown to see my parents. They booked their flights and reserved their hotel. So it’s definite now. They are visiting over spring break! I’m super excited. Grand Canyon, here we come! 😀

♡ Holy Firetruck! I’m so proud of him! Caden brought this home from school on Tuesday. He had such a huge smile on his face as he was telling me about the firetruck he drew. Oh man. It is proudly hanging on my fridge.


♡ Well, this is a short week. I have run out of things!

How has your week been? Anything new or exciting? Let me know!


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  1. Avatar Kate W says:

    Cute firetruck! When you run out of fridge space, there’s an app called Artkive which is a brilliant way of keeping a record of your kid’s artwork – if your son is anything like most, once they start with the drawings, it quickly becomes a frenzy!

  2. What a talented kid! I love his little firetruck.

    February is starting off a bit slow in the reading department for me and Iʻm a little bummed. Darn reading slumps!

  3. Avatar Sara@LibraryHuntress says:

    Love the firetruck drawing 🙂 My 7 year old son is on a huge coloring kick right now and yesterday he informed me he was going to color as his job someday lol.

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Haha, that’s awesome! Love it!

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