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Hi guys! Welcome back!

Bookish Thoughts

Happy Thursday!

♡ So this week I have a couple exciting things! Yay!


♡ Chris and I got a new car over the weekend. It’s a Competition Orange colored Mustang. I’m not gunna lie, I totally dig it. At first, I was like, “What… A new car… Ugh!” But we traded in the motorcycle and now, a week later, it’s totally sexy. When he slams on the gas and she vrooms… Oh, damn. So sexy. 😉 And it’s a manual, so I’m definitely going to learn how to drive her… Her name is Tangy. Named after Chris’ company Tangerine. Check her out:

Tangy 1  Tangy 2

♡ Sexy, right? I totally get how guys get attached to their cars. I cannot wait to drive it! Caden calls it “Daddy’s racecar”, cuz it is. Haha.

♡ Over the weekend, Caden and I also went to the park. He had so much fun; he loves playing on the playground! Outside of playing with cars and trains, his favorite thing has got to be the playground. He can’t get enough! Here he is, all by himself, climbing up the rock thingy:

image image image

♡ School has been blah. It’s not such a bad class, I’m just finding absolutely no motivation to read the textbook or write the papers. Instead, I’m finding myself playing games on my phone to procrastinate. Or blog. Or read other books. Or watch Drop Dead Diva. Anything to get away from the homework!

♡ Speaking of Drop Dead Diva, I am so mad that Jane and Grayson have not gotten together. No spoilers, so if you have seen it, don’t tell me! I want them to be together so bad. They’re just amazing and have great chemistry. Except Jane can never tell Grayson who she really is. Ugh. It’s so frustrating! Oh, I should see if it goes past the 6 seasons on Netflix. Hang on.

♡ Back! Ah! It did get cancelled after Season 6! Omg. So I’m on… Season 5, Episode 9. So close. Oh no! That makes me sad. But I’m still holding out how for Jayson. Ha, see what I did there? 😛

♡ Christine mentioned in her post, that she cannot wait for Fuller House! I definitely agree! However, I think I’m going to have to binge watch Full House to get the full effect. I loved Full House when it was on, and even after, but I never saw the last couple seasons. So I have no idea what happened! But I do know that I am just a little sad that Mary-Kate and Ashley won’t be appearing. I loved Michelle!

You got it dude

♡ Reading progress: I have been doing ok. My challenges are going pretty well, actually. Well, except for the Blogger Shame Review challenge. I have not gotten to any of those yet. Mostly because I had a bunch of tours the past few weeks, so I had to read those books first. I am hoping to get to those in late April / early May if I can. If not, I still got time! Yesss. How are your challenges coming along?

♡ I have been in the mood to make cookies… But I’m not sure which one. There are so many!

♡♡ Anyone want to send me their favorite cookie recipe? I’ll feature it on the blog. 😀

How has your week been? Share something with me!


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