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Welcome back guys! Happy Thursday!

♡ This week has been droopy. We’ve all been sick, mostly head colds, but sick nonetheless. It definitely blows.

♡ Caden has been on track break for the past week; I have gotten nothing done. Granted, I don’t have much of a to-do list anyway, but still. Ahaha. I feel like time kinda stands still when we have track break. Caden always asks to go to school. “It’s a weekday, so it’s a school day, Mommy!” Uh, no. Sorry kiddo. You’re on break!

♡ On other news, Valentine’s Day was a disaster for us. We went out to eat, of course, and the wait time was crazy. Like we knew it would be bad, but when we got there, it wasn’t too bad: 30 minutes. Great. Awesome. 40 minutes go by, and people who got there after us were being seated. And we were only a part of 2! So Chris goes up there to ask what was going on, and come to find out, the lady who checked us in, didn’t take our phone number so we were kicked out of the system. So was the couple behind us. Chris got a little mad and the manager overheard, and he put us back in the system with a 10 minute wait. 20 more minutes go by and we finally get seated. In the far back, a quiet place = awesome. Then we order, hoping the night was going to go better. Ha. Joke was on us. Chris’ fish was totally not cooked, cold to the touch. My pasta was just terrible; I can make better Alfredo at home! Other things happened, but needless to say, the night was a huge disaster. The irony: we have had worse dates!

♡ Sorry for the long text 🙂 But when we have bad dates… We get re-dos. So this weekend, it’s a Valentine’s Day redo! Yay!

♡ Still on Valentine’s Day… I found Pizza Roses on Facebook and I made them. (I’ll put up recipe within a few days). They were actually pretty good, but I would definitely use pizza crust next time. Stay tuned to find out what I used… 😉


♡ During the month of January, Caden was Student of the Month! Yay! I just found out last week, when track break started. Super cool! But I do wonder why the teacher didn’t sign it… Maybe she forgot?


♡ Well, that’s it for this week. I’m typing this as I sit here, sniffling.

How has your week been? Let me know!


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  1. Colds are never fun! Aww, luckily you got a Valentines Day redo. The least they could do was give you guys good food! Congrats to Caden for being Student of the Month 🙂

  2. Avatar Kate W says:

    The cynic in me says ALWAYS avoid Valentine’s Day – either do something at home or go out the night after 🙂

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      I am pretty sure that will be us next year! 😉

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