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Hi everyone! Welcome back! Happy Thursday. Is it Friday yet?

Bookish Thoughts

♡ I am TWO episodes away from finishing Drop Dead Diva. TWO. And. O.M.G. When I left of yesterday, I wanted to scream. I cannot believe that happened to Grayson. I was… Ahh! Outside of book couples, I don’t think I have ever rooted for a couple so bad since Lorelei and Luke.

♡ Speaking of that… I wonder if Luke and Lorelei got married… Gilmore Girls needs to answer every single one of these questions during their four mini-movie episode revival… Some of this questions, I will be pretty upset if they don’t answer. No joke.

I'm All In

♡ ♡ That was probably my favorite line out of the whole series <3

♡ My Netflix list currently has 45 tv shows and movies on it. The majority of it are tv shows. I’m addicted. I will watch them non-stop, when I am actually able to have a turn on the TV. Haha. For real though. It’s so difficult to watch my own shows when there are four other people in the house. Plus, all my Hulu shows. I’m almost as bad with tv shows as I am with books. Almost. But not quite.

♡ Lately my cat, Cami, has wanted so much attention. I love him to death, but he’s totally driving me crazy. It’s a little weird though because he has never wanted this much attention before. He’s totally one of those cats who only wants attention every so often. Unless it’s at bedtime. Then he’s all over that! I’m sitting here typing this, and he jumps up onto my desk, rubs my arm, then proceeds to sit down in the space between my chest and the keyboard. I have a weird cat. But I have no idea what I would do without him.

♡ I’m starting at a partially eaten box of Thin Mints, willing myself not to finish the box tonight. It’s so tempting. I love Thin Mints. Girl Scouts seriously need to sell cookies all year long. However, between buying cookies and books, I’d probably go broke.

♡ I have been addicted to this song, for like forever. What do you guys think?

What’s been happening for you this week? Share with me!


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  1. We just recently got our newest rescue kitty (Fred) neutered, and holy crap! I thought it’d calm him down.No. It turned him into an uber affectionate petmepetmepetmepetmepetme kitty. Also, mouthy. SO. MOUTHY. *mumbles*

  2. I love adding things to my Netflix queue. The problem is that I watch maybe three to five hours a week and it becomes this sort of overwhelming, neverending to-do list. There’s just so much good shit and so little time.

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Oh, I know! Some of the things on my list have been there for months on end.

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