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Hi fellow bookworms!

Bookish Thoughts

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week! Or at least, not as stressful as mine…

♡ I must apologize. I was not here last week. I didn’t have much going on, and I couldn’t really think of anything to say. And it was so busy with homework. Last week was just terrible. But… I’m back!

♡ I am so excited! My parents are coming to visit in two days. They will be here on Saturday! Caden absolutely cannot wait to see them. He keeps asking about going to their hotel, or staying at their house, or going to the airport to pick them up. He loves going to the airport because then we can drive under a huge tunnel. And he loves tunnels. Omg. He loves them.

♡ This upcoming Monday, my family and I will be taking a glorious road trip to the Grand Canyon! I haven’t been yet. Yes, yes, I know. You’re thinking: Girl, how can you live in Vegas and not go to the Grand Canyon?? Man, I feel ya. It’s like a 4 hour trip, and if you’re a parent, you know that it will take close to 6 hours between your little one going to the bathroom every so often. Yep. You gotta add extra time for potty breaks. Oh the joys of being potty trained!

♡ But be on the look out. My next Bookish Thoughts post will be a Grand Canyon Edition! With tons of pictures! Yessss. Are you guys excited?!

♡ Anyway. This week has been so stressful due to trying to cram in extra reading and team assignments for the week my parents are here. I don’t want to spend every minute with them doing homework. That’s just not cool. So I’m trying to get as much done, which of course, creates unnecessary stress. But oh well. I am going to have to do a little bit, but hopefully not too much. Damn papers.

♡ Grah. I still have not watched Fuller House yet. Well, really, I won’t be watching it for a while. Back when it was on TV (Full House) I never saw the 7th or 8th seasons. So I have no idea how it ended! I want to watch those before I check out the revival… But it’s not on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. So you know what that means? I get to buy them. $$$$.

♡ Over the past weekend, Caden ate squid. Caden, Chris, and Chris’ dad went on a man-date. Which really means, guy time because Mommy is doing homework. Sunday’s are my day. For homework mostly, or my blog if all my homework is done. Anyway. They went to this pizza place downtown and had calamari. Apparently Caden loved it. He’s 4. I’m 25 and I don’t like it. Kudos, kid. 🙂

♡ I saw a thing on FB the other day about Pixar. Basically, the picture was wondering why the lamp who crushes the ‘i’ stares at the audience. Like is it staring at you to gain your silence; if you talk, you will be next? I laughed but then too, wondered why the lamp looks at us… It’s kinda creepy if you think about it.

♡ Is it me, or is anyone else wondering why there is such a thing as Daylight Savings Time? Cuz really, all it does is mess with everyone’s internal clocks and screws everything up? (Yes, realistically I know why it happens, but still.) But. Should we kill it off? Anyone?

♡ Back to homework it is.

What’s happening with you this week? Let me know!


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  1. I LOLed at the Pixar Lamp thing. That’s such an interesting ponderment; I’ll be wondering that myself now, so thanks! XD

    Also, have an awesome time at the Canyon! I went with my dad and stepmom and half siblings when I was like…I dunno, six or seven??? something like that. Haven’t been since, though–I wish I had the funds to rectify that! Regardless, it’s SO pretty!

  2. What a busy week! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the Grand Canyon! I have yet to travel to see it.

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