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Hello and welcome back!

Bookish Thoughts

This week, I actually have some news…

♡ I started to keep track of my eARCs! Score! So I was browsing through someone’s post. Which led me to someone else’s. Which then led me to their related content where I found this. It is pretty spectacular! I’m totally stealing Rinn’s idea. I mean, look at that delicious spreadsheet.

♡ Annnnd. I always. Always. Always. wonder how many pages are in each book before I start reading it. So I spent 2 freaking hours last night, cataloging all these damn eARCs. 2 freaking hours. Omg.

♡ I clicked between NetGalley, Goodreads, and Amazon. Because sometimes Goodreads did not have the pages. I found out that I have a few novellas (under 110 pages) on my list. So I will be reading those shortly. Especially since my ratio is tragic. Seriously. It’s like 30%. If that. And I have 60+ books on this spreadsheet of mine. Can you say…. WOW.

♡ Anyway, so I got that done.

♡ ARC April has not gone very well. I have read 3.5 books. I’m almost done with the 4th one. But I doubt I will be making my goal. Since it ends in 2 days. Grah. Oh well. At least I participated! Yesss! Better luck for August!

♡ San Francisco is still a go. It’s gunna be awesome. I’m going to check out a few bookstores (of course). They are ones I never knew existed when I lived close by. I’m in for a treat! Definitely expect a book haul once I get back. 😀

♡ Still seriously debating on whether or not to do Task It Tuesdays. I’m weighing more towards yes. Which I will start after my SF trip.

IHOP Pancakes - Cinnastack with sprinkles

♡ Chris treated me to lunch yesterday at IHOP. Mmmm. It was super freaking delicious! Cinn-a-stack pancakes. With sprinkes. Just look at this yummy goodness….  😀 I was one happy chick!


Welp. That’s it folks!

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  1. Lots of books and blogging this week 🙂

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