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Hello and welcome back!

Bookish Thoughts

This week, I actually have some news…

♡ I started to keep track of my eARCs! Score! So I was browsing through someone’s post. Which led me to someone else’s. Which then led me to their related content where I found this. It is pretty spectacular! I’m totally stealing Rinn’s idea. I mean, look at that delicious spreadsheet.

♡ Annnnd. I always. Always. Always. wonder how many pages are in each book before I start reading it. So I spent 2 freaking hours last night, cataloging all these damn eARCs. 2 freaking hours. Omg.

♡ I clicked between NetGalley, Goodreads, and Amazon. Because sometimes Goodreads did not have the pages. I found out that I have a few novellas (under 110 pages) on my list. So I will be reading those shortly. Especially since my ratio is tragic. Seriously. It’s like 30%. If that. And I have 60+ books on this spreadsheet of mine. Can you say…. WOW.

♡ Anyway, so I got that done.

♡ ARC April has not gone very well. I have read 3.5 books. I’m almost done with the 4th one. But I doubt I will be making my goal. Since it ends in 2 days. Grah. Oh well. At least I participated! Yesss! Better luck for August!

♡ San Francisco is still a go. It’s gunna be awesome. I’m going to check out a few bookstores (of course). They are ones I never knew existed when I lived close by. I’m in for a treat! Definitely expect a book haul once I get back. 😀

♡ Still seriously debating on whether or not to do Task It Tuesdays. I’m weighing more towards yes. Which I will start after my SF trip.

IHOP Pancakes - Cinnastack with sprinkles

♡ Chris treated me to lunch yesterday at IHOP. Mmmm. It was super freaking delicious! Cinn-a-stack pancakes. With sprinkes. Just look at this yummy goodness….  😀 I was one happy chick!


Welp. That’s it folks!

Let’s Talk!
What are your bookish or not so thoughts this week?

State of the ARC

State of the ARC


  1. Lots of books and blogging this week 🙂

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