Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Bookish Thoughts

It’s Thursday… You know what that means!

Happy bookish thoughts!

♡ Guys. I’m on vacation. From school. I am super excited.

♡ A bit of sad news… Our trip got cancelled. It’s a long story, but we won’t be traveling to San Francisco in a couple days. I’m so bummed. I was going to visit indie bookstores, I was going to visit friends. I was going to get donuts at this amazing place, next door to where I used to work. It was going to be epic.

♡ I hate adulting. Because of adulting, trip was cancelled. Also, being a homeowner is the other reason. Ugh. Boo for responsibilities!

♡ Spotify finally added one of my favorite songs by Smile Empty Soul! Yess. I’ve been listening to it like crazy. It’s called Bottom of a Bottle. It’s dreadful. It’s about drinking and drugs. But I still love it. I cannot even tell you why. And actually no, I cannot relate this song to my life. So it is puzzling why I like it so much. I never drank myself crazy (although I did occasionally). I never did extreme drugs. I never felt love from the bottom of a bottle. So yeah.

♡ Blog Ahead Mini is running at full speed ahead! My goal is 20 posts. So far, I have done 9 posts! Yay! I’m on a roll guys. I will probably go past my goal, which is awesome. The more schedule, the less I have to worry about when I go back to school.

♡ Oh yes. I have been using my downtime, that I usually use for school, to work on my blog. I’ve created a new feature, which I am pretty stoked for. I hope some of you join in. It starts on the 15th, so keep an eye out for it!

♡ Since the trip is off, I’m going to start Task It Tuesdays this upcoming week. I might not post every week, I’m thinking maybe twice a month (every other week). I’m still going to cross off what I complete and then delete at the end of the month, and carry over anything I don’t finish.

♡ As summer is drawing closer… I am becoming a tad grumpy about the weather. So not ready for 110*F + in the summer. Yep. Last year, Vegas hit a high of 118*F I believe. It get crazy hot. A/C runs constantly.

♡ Within this next week, I’m hoping to get a little bit of spring cleaning done. Even though, spring is pretty much over here.

Let’s talk!
What are some of your bookish or not so thoughts this week?


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  2. Oh my gosh! I forgot about blogging ahead..

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      That’s alright. Hopefully, there will be one again in October like there was last year. That one runs all month long 😀

      1. Hopefully there will be another one! I totally forgot about it

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