Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Bookish Thoughts

When it comes to this meme, I think to myself, “Man, my life is boring…” Hahahaha! I am determined to find something interesting to mention this week.


<3 <3 The #TackleTBR read-a-thon is almost over. I have had a lot of fun, so much so that I will be participating next year as well! I have currently read 835 pages and 3 full books.

<3 <3 Over the past week, I have participated in two separate Facebook parties and a Twitter chat. The Twitter chat was my first one ever and I ended up winning a $5 Amazon Gift Card! Woo-hoo!

<3 <3 My new class started. I finally got the missing textbook from last week. Thankfully, it is not as big as my last class. This one is just shy of 1900 pages. Versus the over 3000 pages last one. Yessss. And this one is about short fiction. NOT poetry. Yay!

<3 <3 Tomorrow, the firefighters and their truck are making an appearance to my son’s school, as part of a family activity day. He is super excited about it. He loves all firemen, policemen, and bad guys. His biggest thing lately is watching Lego: City on Netflix. Because it has money house (bank) where the bad guys get caught and they steal a firetruck and the police chase after them. He loves it!

<3 <3 Something interesting…. And fun… My mother-in-law and I went to a book sale this past weekend. It was the types where you fill up a bag for $5. I only did one bag, mostly because their selection was scarce. But… I was able to get 20 books, a dozen for me and eight for the kiddo. Pretty damn awesome.

<3 <3 Did you know…. I love scenery photos for backgrounds? I have a slideshow for my phone and every hour it changes to a different scenery shot. The one right now is actually a fall looking shot. Trees with yellow and orange leaves, falling onto a paved road with green bushes all around. My actual background for my phone is one of a thunderstorm and how dark gray the clouds look in comparison to the green grass.

<3 <3 My cat is a booger. As I’m writing this, he is trying to pick a fight with the dog because he doesn’t like her. They’re both locked in my bedroom right now. Ugh! The dog cannot stay by herself. At. All. She literally tears holes in the walls of my house. At the bottom of my stairs, there is a huge hole because boyfriend left for work one day and I wasn’t down stairs yet and she got back that he left. Hence, hole in the wall. Ahhh! She also likes to chew on socks and underwear. Dang crazy dog. Lol! However, she is a huge cuddle buddy.

<3 <3 Yesss. I finally finished up Ringer on Netflix and man it was twisted! Loved it though. Also finished the second season of The Blacklist. Cannot wait for third season to start next week (I think)!!!

<3 <3 Speaking of Netflix… I have dozens of shows (and movies) in my queue. Just started Switched At Birth. Anyone else watch it?

<3 <3 Next week is picture day for my kiddo at school. Then he starts his month long break. Yay? 😉

Another fun week, right? What have you guys done this week, reading or otherwise?

#TackleTBR Update:

Day 10 / September 23

Books: The Secret Daughter
Percentage/Pages Read: Finished When We Were , 1 page of new one
Total Books Read: 3
Total Pages Read: 835
Titles of Finished Books: Are You Still There. Wrong Number Right Guy. When We Were.


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