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Bookish Thoughts

Was last week interesting enough? 😛 Haha!
This week has been mostly uneventful, thankfully! Well, one exciting thing happened….


<3 <3 That is seriously how I feel lately. Bake all the things. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cake… Except I think I’d get sick if I ate all that. As much as I love baking, I am not too into baked goods lately. I have no idea why! And it really sucks! Like probably two weeks ago, I made a newer version of peanut butter cookies, which are my absolute fav — if you didn’t know, and I ate maybe 3 out of the whole double batch?! Nah, they weren’t really blog worthy, in my opinion. I just took this recipe here and added a packet of vanilla pudding. To make Pudding Peanut Butter Cookies. Personally, I think they are better without the pudding. Lol!

<3 <3 Finally finalized my dates for vacation! Love it! I am super excited! I know it has only been a couple months since I have seen my parents, but I sure do miss them. If you would have told me six years later that I would miss them, I would have laughed at you. Now, I would believe you. It is hard, them being a thousand miles away. My family and my parents just bought houses in two separate states so no one is moving. Sad face.


<3 <3 As I started my next class, last week, I am enjoying to so far. This one is about Short Fiction. Not too bad. Yet. We’ll see.

<3 <3 Just finished up my second book haul post. Be sure to keep an eye out for them this weekend. There’s two! Yes, I bought that many books this month. Oops. Hahahaha!

<3 <3 Need a feel good, sad song? Look no further and go here to The Call. It’s one of those songs that gives you the chills because the meaning is so good, but it is so sad and brings tears to your eyes? Yep. Click it.

<3 <3 Want to know a scary fact? I have over 1700 books on my Kindle App on my phone. Whhhhat. For real. And no, I have not read that many. Maybe I need to think about going on a book buying ban. Seriously.

<3 <3 Well, I guess that it is for this week, pretty short.

<3 <3 Oh! #TackleTBR ended. You can find my wrap-up post here: Wrap-up.

<3 <3 Which brings me to the final point…. ***MOST**** interesting thing to happen this week. My son has Friday’s off from school and last week, they did a family activity day. They brought in the Firefighters and their firetruck. Kiddo had sooo much fun! He was able to go inside the truck and take pictures, and the best part?! They let each of the kids in his class, spray the hose! I think that was his favorite part! When they left, of course, he cried. He held up his hand, palm out, and said, “Stop! Don’t go!” It was so cute! But sad. Because he was sad. Guess who is going to be a fireman for Halloween?!

Until next week,


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