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Hey everyone! Guess what day it is…

That’s right.

It’s Thursday! This awesome meme is brought to you by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous.

This week has been ahh, so I might not have anything too interesting. We’ll see.

bad case of the mondays

♡ The weekend consisted of me waiting on not-cool people to do their work. This is why. Beware: long rant coming.

♡ Monday started out boring enough. Until I log into my school website. Ok, so first off, Phoenix has what they call “Learning Teams”, but basically, it’s a “let’s bring down your grade team”. I say that because everyone does half assed work and calls it good. I’m sitting over here like, “Dude. I actually care about my grades because I am going into thousands of dollars in debt by being here. Help me out.” Well… Last week we started our team assignment for the week. Everyone (6-including myself) agreed on turning in their portions by Saturday night so that the team leader (me) can compile them, edit, and make the paper look nice, before submitting it for a grade. Saturday: NO ONE turned anything in. Come Sunday morning, still, no one has their stuff in. Sunday night, no one has their stuff in. *My father-in-law went to ER on Sunday (he’s totally fine now), and I still got my portion written.* Like, come on guys. It’s due on Monday. Monday afternoon (5 hours before it’s due), I get the last part. I HATE TEAMS. I would much rather due the work myself because I know I’ll get a good grade on it and I don’t have to rely on others. Then completely re-do what they did. One teammate wrote his/her whole portion in incomplete sentences. Like what? I had to go back and redo the whole thing because that person was not responding to my team messages.

♡ Oh, I feel like I should also mention that the person asked me how to Google “The Gettysburg Address”. Online College = being able to Google.

♡ ^^^ I’m sorry that was so long, but damn. It made me so mad. It still makes me mad because we have another team assignment this week, and it’s going about how last week turned out. RULE OF THUMB: If you’re in a team, make your deadlines and do your work well. Don’t expect others to do it for you.

my team sucks

♡ Anyway, sorry about that long rant. AHH! Ugh!

♡ Tuesday actually wasn’t too bad. Took my mother-in-law to the DMV for her license. The wait was not bad, considering we got there at 7:08 and there was already a line of people. They open at 8. She is disabled, so they have a different line. That is what saved us. Otherwise, we would have been there for hours! That is one thing I truly don’t like in this world, is the DMV. Let me get my license every 8 years; however, let me get my registration every 8 years too, instead of yearly. I would love you forever. Does anyone else hate the DMV, or is it just me?

♡ As I’m typing part of this, today is the 17th of November. Chris and my 5 year anniversary is today! We’re going to celebrate this weekend, since he won’t get home until 7 at night. I know, I know. You’re thinking that it’s not too late to go out. However, it totally is. I feel so old by saying that, but it’s so true! Because I get up so early (7 on most days), I am ready for bed by 10 pm! I’m only 25! That wasn’t supposed to happen so soon!

♡ Totally awesome thing happened this week… I read 3 books! That is so not normal for me. But it happened! Yay! Speaking of books, I have completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 books for 2015. Currently have read 53. So cool!

♡ I hit save on my draft and it reminded me… WordPress’ new screen for drafting is terrible. In a previous draft, I was trying to link up to another post I had written. They took that option away! Seriously. It only gives me the option to type or copy/paste a link for the hyperlink. So not cool WP.

♡ Ok, so I feel like this post is a little bit of a bummer. I need happy things!

What has happened in your life this week?


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  1. Happy anniversary! 🙂
    I completely feel for you with the group work. When I did my Master’s, nearly all my modules were distance learning. For the modules which were forced group work, I got 8.3s and 8.5s out of 10. For the individual work modules, my lowest grade was a 9.4 and for one I got a 9.9. Like you say, I now see “group work” and think, “Great. A bunch of people to drag my grade average down”. I hope your next team has some more conscientious students in it.
    I hope you have fun celebrating this weekend and can forget about your annoying “team mates”. 🙂

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Thank you! 🙂 Thankfully I only have a week and a half left with this team. My classes are only 5 weeks long; I go to Phoenix Online.

  2. Oh my goodness, I hate teams too! I remember having to do a bacteria lab with two other people and one of them purposefully putting anti-bacterial soap on the microscope. Like, seriously? Anyway… Happy anniversary! Sorry to say, but no good news from this end; I’ve been sick the past couple of days… However I am better. 😉 Also, today is the 19th?

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Sorry to hear about the no good news! 🙁 I hope you feel better soon!
      As for the date, it was the 17th when I wrote that part. The rest I wrote last night. 😉

      1. Thanks! Oh haha I was just wondering. 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy celebrating this weekend 😀

    I dislike Team work as well. That’s why I decided to enroll in college online….so that I have the option to work by myself and at my own pace instead of having to wait on others. It’s so annoying when you have to wait on and rely on others! So sorry that you had to deal with that.

    Yay for completing your Goodreads Challenge! I think I’m at about 55/50 for this year, too.

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Aww, thank you! 😀
      I am in online college, so definitely watch out for that. That was part of the whole reason why I wanted to do online college, was to be able to do it myself. I guess Phoenix just had something else in mind. Thankfully, I am almost half way done with my Bachelor’s so I won’t have to endure teams for that much longer.
      Yay for your challenge as well! I thought 50 was going to be a stretch for me, and I looked at my blog schedule today, and I have to read at least 5 more books (3 are for blog tours) by the end of the year. I’m actually looking forward to it, so I am definitely upping my goal next year. 🙂

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