Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted something about my creative writing. A while back I took another class. I know, I know. I’m always taking classes! Haha.

“Caught” came out of it as one of my assignments. Let me know what you think. <3 Even if you have a way to improve it, I appreciate criticism too!

This version is far from the original I wrote. We were instructed to submit the poem for peer reviews and to be honest, mine was crap. Parts of it might be now, but I know I could turn this into a short story, or an even longer poem. With the criteria I had, this is what came out.


Lust flickers in her eyes.

To her, this is but a game;

She loves to toy with me,

I am her latest conquest.


Her eyes are set on me,

I’m not but prey.

While I bet she can’t have just one

Kiss from my lips.


Her body inches towards me.

She raises her hand

Touching me, branding me,

Consuming me with her slender finger.


This love isn’t a garden

But an explosion of flowers;

Erupting, blooming, scorching under the sun,

Where only the strongest survive.


Lightning strikes

Leaving a wake of glass in the sand.

It crystalizes

Thickening to her touch.


It shatters upon impact,

A waterfall of sorts.

Our eyes collide,

An inkling of sparks so bright.


Lust is a peach,

But oh how sweetly I have been caught.


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  1. Very nice, Kendra. I think it is great that you take classes. You can never learn to much!

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