100 Word Story – Creative Writing Prompt

Hey everyone! I was nominated by BG over at Getting Through Anxiety to complete this challenge.

Basically the idea is to write a story with 100 words (10 +/- is okay). You can write the story on any topic you want, the main goal is to make it super close to that 100 word count.

Nominate as many people as you want, or don’t, if that’s your thing too. It’s all good!

So check out mine below.

Write a story in 100 words.

She just smiled as he packed up his tan suitcase. It was a smile of content; although, she did feel a tiny bit of guilt. But no, she realized it was time, and swallowed the guilt away. He hastily grabbed his work clothes to top off his bag, and started for the door. While she was glad he did not turn around to look at her, she was disappointed he didn’t say goodbye. She was looking for an excuse for the poorly colored vase beside her to collide with his face. Ultimately, she let him go because revenge was hers.


Haha, thanks again, BG. This was pretty fun! I made exactly 100 words, and it was not intentional. It’s just how it ended. Super awesome!

I nominate… everyone! We could all use a writing prompt every now and then… I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. If you do it, let me know. I would love to read them!


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  1. That was great! I can’t believe you did one hundred words on the first try!

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Haha, thanks! I couldn’t believe it either! I was just typing along, and when I stopped, I looked at the word count. 100 even. I was totally amazed. 🙂

      1. It always takes me a while to get exact or really close!

  2. I love this! What an awesome challenge. Now I want to know more about your story!

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