Countdown Madness Part 1 – Creative Writing Prompt

Hey guys! It’s another writing prompt day. Somehow this turned into a longer story that I originally planned, so I’m going to do it in two parts.

Write a story that starts at 10 and ends at 0

Part 1:

The sunniest day of the year had arrived and Elizabeth was walking down the driveway toward the mailbox. She opened it up and saw that the stack was bigger than normal due to a large manila envelope. Curiously, she opened it and out fell a key. She turned the key over in her hand and wondered what it was for. Opening the envelope a second time, she realized there was a folded piece of paper stuck to the bottom. Prying it out, she opened it and read:

“Here lies your next adventure. There will be a series of clues beginning with this one that will serve as a countdown to the day your adventure starts. It is yours for the taking.
10. The next clue is where you went when things got tough at home. No friends, no neighbors, no family.

Turning the card over, there was no signature. There was no return address on the envelope, just a postmark from Lily Springs, which is where she resided. Elizabeth was puzzled; who knew details about her home life? Who is doing this? She pondered it as she walked back to her house. She sat down on the couch and reread the notecard. As she reread it for the fifth time, she decided she would check it out. It wouldn’t hurt if there was nothing there, would it?

She drove down the local, run-down second-hand bookstore. Pulling up, she noticed the open light flashing, which was a good sign. As Elizabeth walked in, she waved to her friend, Emily, who was the owner of Lily Reads. As a young girl, Elizabeth spent countless hours in the children’s section, reading every book she could get her little hands on, due to her parent’s endless arguments. Elizabeth found her favorite book and cracked the spine, only to find a little purple notecard fall out. She was right about the previous clue. This one read:

“Yay, you found me! You have officially begun your hunt to true happiness. Here is the second clue:
9. I am made up of red bricks, where people come to see my friends fly. Pretty colors fly high while many have suffered.

There is only one place where colors fly high. The Town Hall. Elizabeth waved her goodbye to Emily, got back into her car and sped towards the outskirts of her small town. The Town Hall building was built in the early 1900’s using only pure red bricks. The American Flag flew high in the air, sitting in front of the glass doors. She made her way inside and called out her hello to Ernie, who was the security guard. Ernie called out to her, stopping her in her tracks.

“Lizzy, this belongs to you.” He handed her a white envelope. With a shaky hand, she took it. Opening it up, she pulled out a blue notecard. It was the same handwriting as the purple and white notecards. The handwriting did not look familiar, which is what puzzled her; it was written in script. She continued reading:

8. I am full of the wind. I am a butterfly. Where your first kiss happened, is where I am.

Elizabeth had lived in Lily Springs her entire twenty-six years. She thanked Ernie, who had a twinkle in his eye, and headed off in search of the next clue. A couple of minutes later, she arrived back in town and headed straight towards the football field of her primary school. The Butterflies was the school for children in eighth grade and below in Lily Springs. Her first kiss had been with Chase when she was thirteen, right before school let out for the summer.

She walked up to the bleachers and found a white envelope taped to the handlebar for the stairs. She pulled it off and saw the beautiful script once again:

7. Memories have a chance to be manipulated over time. This one you will never lose. Come find me.

She didn’t have to give it a second thought. This clue was referring to her childhood home, where she learned of her parent’s divorce. It devastated her. A memory she will never forget. She races back to the car, curious as to where all this was going. Driving to the other end of the town, she realized it was starting to get dark. One more clue. She pulled up to the house and instinctively looked in the mailbox. There was a huge stack, like the owners hadn’t checked it in a couple of days. Sitting on top, was a white envelope. Somehow, someone knew she would get to it before the lovely owners. She quickly tore it open:

6. Beyond the scope of your childhood, beyond the scope of reality. You always dreamed of leaving. I am where you wanted to go.

To be continued…


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  1. Avatar Cindi says:

    You tease!! When is the second part???

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Tomorrow 🙂

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