COYER Update Time

It’s a COYER Update time! We are about two months into #COYER. This second month has been more difficult, but some of the books are slowly getting read.



In case you missed it, we’ve joined COYER Summer Reading List! It’s a challenge that has us failing attempting to read 30 books. Yeah, 30 books! Crazy, right?! Don’t forget to check out our sign-up post from the beginning of the challenge.

It’s not too late to join up if you want! Read the rules in the official sign-up post here.

Guys. Doesn’t this sound like fun?! It sure does!

COYER Update Time!

Here’s KENDRA’S list (which you can also find on Goodreads).

(the links go to Amazon)

Next to Me // What a Difference a Day Makes // Shameless // It Had to be You //
Sordid Seduction // Broken Bastard // Gone Without a Trace // love, and you //
I Know a Secret // The Post-It Note Affair // On the Plus Side // TTYL // At His Mercy //
Summer on Firefly Lake // The Perfect Recipe for Love and Friendship //
The Doctor’s Fake Marriage // Sex Therapy // Seducing Sarah 2: The Body // Last Witness //
Dirty Ugly Toy // Ready to Fall // Sold // Professor Trouble // Billionaire Unbound //
Beauty and the Bastard // Plush // Beg Me //
The Billionaire’s Virgin // The Other Girl // The Cutaway //


Here’s TIFFANY’S list (which you can also find on Goodreads).

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes // Once Gone // The Curse of the House on Cypress Lane //
And Then She Was Gone // Dead Certain // Awakened // Beauty of the Beast //
Ahead of the Darkness // The Toy Breaker // The Catacombs // How Will I Know You? //
Fahrenheit 451 // The Wilds // The Things We Wish Were True // The Night Bird //
Mad Sea // Dark Webb // Cause to Kill // The Girl in Between // Beautiful Disaster //
Missing Parts // A Madness so Discreet // Under Dark Skies // The Quiet Type //
Dirty Ugly Toy // Before He Kills // If I Break //
The Night Series Collection // 3 a.m. // Squall //

Kendra has read: 12 books. Not sure how much more I’ll read. There are other books that have caught my eye, and they’re not COYER.
Tiffany has read: 4 books and DNF’d 2 books. Pretty much done at this point. Nothing is keeping Tiffany’s interest.


Let us know how your COYER Update Time is going.
We’d love to know!


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