Crucible – Review


by: Natalie Bennett

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The smallest towns have the darkest secrets.

Raelynn Davenport.
An elusive beauty queen with a sordid past.

The Blackwoods.
A prominent family with a graveyard full of tortured skeletons.

The plan couldn’t have been simpler.

All I had to do was swap my big city life and tarnished reputation for a fresh start in a small town.
Catching the immediate attention of said town’s heart-throbs was nowhere on my agenda.

Unapologetic about their true intentions, I find myself in the center of a game that has no concept of moral aptitude.

All I wanted was peace.

All they crave is madness.

And in this game, losing isn’t an option.

Not when we’re playing for my life.

Crucible – Review

Holy shit. Give me more right now!!! 

Crucible is just the prequel to a series and hot damn. I need the series like nobody’s business. I’m craving it. Give. Me.

Bennett just keeps bringing the dark, appealing to my savage soul. She makes you crave the evil and immoral men. I just want to be sandwiched between Jace and Kaid. *fans self* Her writing keeps getting better, and I’m here for it.

This series is going to be a fun and twisted ride. I absolutely cannot wait for more.

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