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Hey y’all. I hope you had a fantastic November! I can’t believe we’re down to one month left of 2018. Where has all my time gone?! I’m so late with this post. It’s been crazy around here and being sick for two weeks is the pits. We’re still linking up with Anne at In Residence for this month’s Currently. So let’s talk about what I’m currently up to!


Gifting // early Christmas gifts. A white elephant exchange for my Bunco ladies, cub scouts, son’s teachers… It’s been fun!

Baking // double chocolate cookies with mint. Oh man, this recipe is soooo good! I did alter it, but you can find it here.

Singing // absolutely nothing. It’s pained me that I can’t sing along with any songs lately. My throat has been so sore and my cough hasn’t gone away yet.

Mailing // naughty Christmas cards. I’m in a few dirty groups on Facebook, and we did card exchanges. Some of the are super dirty, which is how I like pretty much everything. I’m a freak hahaha 😉

Decorating // my planner! Got more washi tape and stickers. You can never have enough!

And Then Some!

I found this awesome list that coincides with Currently from Lecy at A Simpler Grace and thought it would be an amazing addition to this post!

Listening: to my 2018 Wrapped playlist on Spotify.
Making: the same old things. No new inspiration yet.
Welcoming: 2019 in my bujo. I love some of these new spreads and cannot wait to use them!
Cooking: nothing right now.
Drinking: hot Spiced Apple Cider. It has 100% Vitamin C, and it’s been helping to soothe my sore throat.
Reading: audiobooks! Who the fuck am I? I’ve never been one for audiobooks until Read Me Romance. It’s a podcast that comes out with new release audiobooks each week. It’s been super fun! Naughty, but fun!
Touching: nothing with my sick, germy hands.
Collecting: washi tape! Yesss.
Planning: my bujo layout for 2019. It’s all bookish with a few goals.
Taking: in the notion that this year is over.
Wanting: to stop being sick!
Looking: for nothing. It’s been a meh month.
Playing: the Read Me Romance podcast. Seriously, you need to check it out and get to reading.
Wasting: hours away with napping. Naps sound divine, but when you take a nap in the morning until the early afternoon, the day just flies by!
Wishing: for the new year. I want to start using my 2019 spreads in my bujo!
Creating: bujo spreads! I am all about this bujo life right now.
Enjoying: the peace and quiet after the kiddo’s bed time.
Waiting: for the weekend to make cut-out sugar cookies. This is my go-to recipe! So soft, so yummy, and so easy!
Liking: posts on Instagram. I’m not too much into the holiday spirit, but I adore pics of books with Christmas decor.
Eating: Reese’s Outrageous Pieces. Soooo amazing!
Wondering: not too much.
Preparing: for the new year. Are y’all tired of me talking about the new year yet?
Loving: my new Fitbit. I got it around Black Friday and still can’t get over it.
Tasting: Apple Cider!
Hoping: I get over being sick soon!
Missing: my parents.
Celebrating: the spirit of giving.
Writing: poetry!
Needing: to write some more.
Photographing: Faith (the dog) and Chris (the boyfriend). They were sleeping so cute-like on the couch together!
Smelling: nothing with this plugged up nose.
Wearing: my sweater. It’s cold out here!
Following: Read Me Romance on Instagram! I’m addicted.
Noticing: how tired I really am. I plan to get lots of sleep during this Christmas break.
Watching: Hawaii Five-0. It’s my new show!
Knowing: I am late with this post and it’s killing me!
Craving: cut-out sugar cookies!
Working: on my bujo. Seriously. Want to see some pictures? I’m super excited for it.
Thinking: I need to organize my physical books.
Bookmarking: my books with Bibliophile Prints bookmarks… Check out Erin’s shop. LOVE her stuff.
Opening: Christmas cards from friends! This is the first year in a while I sent cards and received cards! 
Feeling: grateful for my life and everyone in it.

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