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Hey y’all.  We’re still linking up with Anne at In Residence for this month’s Currently. So let’s talk about what I’m currently up to!



Anticipating // some good books this month. I read 20 in January! Wow, I know! It was a super great month. I’m hoping this month will be just as good. Annnnd It’s time for Readathin again! Those who don’t know, it’s a quarterly readathon where the goal is to thin your TBR. I’m one of the sprinters, who run reading sprints on the Readathin Twitter account. (@readathin). We’re changing up the days this time around, so my day will be Monday. Come join me for some reading sprints!

Going // crazy? Haha. I’m going nowhere interesting in my day-to-day life. No new places, no new anything. It’s been pretty boring around here.

Making // a Galentine’s day punch for my Bunco night! It’s my turn to host, so I’m trying to come up with a good non-alcoholic recipe since some of the ladies are pregnant. I’m super excited! I’ll also be making my awesome Cut-Out cookies in the shape of hearts.

Watching // Boy Meets World! I’m finally almost done with the whole show! Next up is Girl Meets World. When I was a kid, I would watch Boy Meets World all the time, but I never actually finished the show.

Wearing // the same old things. Still, nothing new here.


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  1. Avatar Laura says:

    January is usually a good reading month for me, but I seem to have hit a wall! Ugh! Hoping February is a better month for me!

  2. Avatar Anne says:

    Wow, 20 books in January?! That’s amazing – I wish I had that much time to read 🙂 And how fun to have a Bunco Galentine’s gathering. You’re making me inspired to have some friends over!

  3. Avatar Lauren Becker says:

    That’s awesome you read 20 books last month. I hope this month is just as successful. And oh gosh, I love Boy Meets World. Such a classic.


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