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Hey y’all.  We’re still linking up with Anne at In Residence for this month’s Currently. So let’s talk about what I am currently up to!


Choosing // not to make New Year Resolutions, but to make New Year Goals instead. Goals are much more attainable for me.

Tidying // my office. It’s a disaster. I need to organize all of last year’s household bills and whatnot. Sort them, then shred the ones I don’t need to keep.

Resolving // nothing.

Exploring // new things. While I’m not doing the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing, I am going to work on improvements and became a better me.

Refreshing // my mind. 2019 is going to be the year of books and poetry. I’m going to work super hard on my poetry collection, with the goal to have it published before the year is up.

And Then Some!

I found this awesome list that coincides with Currently from Lecy at A Simpler Grace and thought it would be an amazing addition to this post!

Listening: to my new music on my Discover Weekly playlist.
Making: these amazing double chocolate chip cookies. I’m not sure if I already linked it, but if I didn’t, don’t worry. I will soon!
Welcoming: the new layout of my bullet journal. It’s not the usual bullet journal layout, it’s more of a collection of things and things I want to track.
Cooking: nothing too good around here.
Drinking: hot apple cider is still my jam!
Reading: poetry collections. My first read of 2019 was For Every One by Jason Reynolds.
Planning: to keep up with my bullet journal. I am still loving the spreads!
Hoping: I hit my Goodreads goal of 100 books this year. I never read that much in one year, but I did last year so I’m hoping to do it again!
Celebrating: the new year!
Writing: my goals where I can see them: my bullet journal, my cork board in my office…
Watching: Hawaii Five-O still. It’s a really good show! 
Craving: Taco Johns… Chris surprised me with a road trip last week and it included Taco Johns. Super yummy!
Bookmarking: 2019 reading challenges so I can check in and whatnot over the course of the year.

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