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Hey y’all. I hope you had a fantastic October! I can’t believe we’re down to two months left of 2018. Here’s something new I’m trying out. Currently is a monthly meme hosted by Anne at In Residence. So let’s talk about what I’m currently up to!


Appreciating // seat warmers in the car. It’s been cold in the mornings! Caden loves pushing the button on the screen to turn on the seat warmers. He calls them ‘butt warmers.’ Hahahaha!

Researching // ways to use Scrivener for my poetry collection. It’s coming along fairly well, although, I am saddened to say I haven’t written anything in about a week.

Posting // more reviews than normal. I know I haven’t been posting much until this past month(ish). But I feel like I’m getting back in the groove. A few new posts have gone up like this one. So it’s more than just reviews, and I cannot tell you how good it feels to get back into blogging.

Getting // tired of Daylight Savings time. The week after the clocks change always throw me off my game! I despise it so much! Not even to mention the fact that it gets darker sooner. While I’m not a fan of summer, I hate winter! It’s too cold! Brrrrr!

Cooking // family favorites! Like everyone else, I have a few select recipes that the family just loves! I’ve been going back to those for a bit and making nothing new. However, I’m hoping to start finding new recipes to try soon!

And Then Some!

I found this awesome list that coincides with Currently from Lecy at A Simpler Grace and thought it would be an amazing addition to this post!

Listening // to 90s on 9, a station on SXM. Every now and then, I do love me some old favorites.
Making // decisions.
Welcoming // new changes.
Cooking // the same old things, hoping for new recipes soon.
Drinking // Mountain Dew. It’s still my favorite.
Reading // K Webster and Natalie Bennett, two of my favorite authors. I’ve also been reading some poetry lately too.
Collecting // washi tape and planner stickers!
Planning // a weekend getaway in the near future.
Taking // a much-needed nap.
Wanting // more washi tape and planner stickers.
Looking // for inspiration.
Playing // various playlists on Spotify.
Wasting // time. I play way too many games on my phone.
Wishing // there were was an extra day in the week, solely for the purpose of reading.
Creating // poetry.
Enjoying // new country music!
Waiting // for the new year.
Liking // blue stickers.
Eating // Caden’s Halloween candy.
Wondering // how the year has gone by so quickly!
Preparing // my bullet journal for next year.
Loving // living in my new city!
Tasting // hot chocolate on my lips.
Hoping // for less stress.
Missing // my honey.
Celebrating // our anniversary soon.
Writing // in my poetry collection. I’m going to need beta readers soon… Interested?
Needing // quiet time.
Photographing // books.
Smelling // fall candles.
Wearing // my hoodie.
Following // the winding road.
Noticing // fall colors. Vegas never had the fall season. Tennessee does. It’s so beautiful!
Watching // new seasons of all our shows.
Knowing // the new year really isn’t too far away.
Craving // cake. Good thing Pam has a birthday in December!
Working // on finding myself within the written word.
Thinking // of the past.
Bookmarking // ways to pay down debt.
Opening // the mailbox to pieces of junk mail.
Feeling // grateful for the life I have.

What are you currently up to?
Let’s talk in the comments!


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  1. Avatar Lauren Becker says:

    I’m trying to take photos of books more often for Instagram – I find it fun, but I’m not always the most creative! lol I don’t have Scrivener but I’m thinking of getting it. I think it would be really handy for working on my current WIP, and it’s not too bad of a price. I hope you find ways to use it for your poetry collection!! And I’d SO be down for an extra day of the week where I could just read. That would be amazing.


  2. Avatar Anne Hoekman says:

    Yep, I’m all about the butt warmers right now too – kind of wish my office chair had one as well, actually. Thanks so much for joining in!

  3. Avatar Beth says:

    Found you through In Residence – and I also follow Lecy! Anyway, I love the seat warmers in my car too! I don’t know what i would do without them! And I’m with you on the Daylight Savings time struggles, I have a four year old boy and he has had a tough time this week and so have I! It’s currently 4:00 and I feel like I’m ready for bed!

  4. Avatar Carrie says:

    Yes to seat warmers! I don’t have them but my husband’s truck does and I adore them when the weather is cold.

  5. Avatar Jess says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m always up for new book recommendations, so I’m looking forward to some of your reviews!

  6. Avatar notinjersey says:

    We call our seat heaters butt heaters too! LOL!

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