Depravity – Review

Depravity - Review Depravity

by: Natalie Bennett

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I was born an ordinary girl with a tiny seed of sickness.
As I got older, it grew bigger, manifesting into something sinister.

Mama told me to lock it away and let it wither.

I didn’t know how.
So I hid it.

Solitude became my closest companion.

Solo, single, lonely.

Until Declan.
Until Ethan.

They were drawn to my sickness like moths to a flame.

With them, I was nurtured into something special.

With them, I flourished in depths of decay and darkness.

Depravity – Review

Holy shit, what was this and why did I love it so much?!

This book is so sick and twisted but it’s the best parts of both. It’s not derogatory or gross. It’s amazing, but the word ‘amazing’ really doesn’t cover what Depravity is. 

I have yet to read the Obscene duet, but for sure, it is on my next TBR – and it will get read. Not reading the duet prior did not hurt me one bit. The only regret was not being introduced to this family sooner! I must ‘fix it!’

Helena, Declan, and Ethan are an unconventional couple, but who needs conventional anyway? Depravity steps out of your comfort zone and thrusts you into a forbidden world and I am all about it! This book was so hard for me to put down. I craved every gritty, dirty moment of this trio and their family.

The mindfuck that is Depravity is seriously depraved, and you won’t be sorry you read it. It is for the fucked up, twisted individuals who need content outside of the norm.

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