Down the TBR Hole 14

Down the TBR Hole 14 is going to be another good one; I can feel it! Last week¬†I removed¬†28 books! Yessss. That is amazing if I do say so myself! I’m, honestly, pretty proud of myself. If you haven’t told me yet, what do you think of this format? Again, I do like it more than what I started out with because it allows me to go through more than 15 books. I’ve been hitting around 30, give or take, each week. That’s double with what I started with. Go me!

Down the TBR Hole originated here. Basically, the gist is to start at the beginning of your TBR and go through a few books and decide if you’re going to keep them. My goal is to go through a minimum of 10 books each week. At 10 books a week, this would take me years to get through! I may do a little bit more, depending on how it goes. What do y’all think? I started at 1594, I believe. A shit ton of books lemme tell you! Each week, it is going down just a little bit.

Let’s get started!

Each of the covers will still take you to Amazon.

The KEEP books:


The REMOVE books:

&&&&& 5 more were removed. Yay!


This week on DTTH:

8 books were kept this week. I feel it’s justifiable because I removed 21 books. Almost as much as last week!


Grah. More Kindle Freebies! I guess I sure do love those books! Or maybe, just books in general? Ha!

Total removed: 196
Total kept: 80

Thanks for joining in on the addition of:
Down the TBR Hole 14!

Damn. This is moving along, isn’t it?!


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