Down the TBR Hole 16

Down the TBR Hole 16 will be better than last week! Unfortunately, I missed my self-made goal by 2 books. This week, 25 books removed will still be my goal. I was so close last week.

As a side note, each week I feel like this is getting easier. I read part of the blurb and instantly know if I’ll keep it or not. Is this what having superpowers feels like?!

Down the TBR Hole originated here. Basically, the gist is to start at the beginning of your TBR and go through a few books and decide if you’re going to keep them. My goal is to go through a minimum of 10 books each week. At 10 books a week, this would take me years to get through! I may do a little bit more, depending on how it goes. What do y’all think? I started at 1594, I believe. A shit ton of books lemme tell you! Each week, it is going down just a little bit.

Let’s get started!

Each of the covers will still take you to Amazon.

The KEEP books:

The REMOVE books:

 &&& 2 more were removed!


This week on DTTH:

Alright. This week I removed 21 books, and I kept 3 books. Man, I thought I went through more books than that this week. However, I should note: I looked at the pages in Goodreads and I think I started around 85 pages of books. Now, I have 68 pages. Damn. that’s a lot of books!

Oh yes.

Total removed: 240
Total kept: 90

Thanks for joining in on the addition of:
Down the TBR Hole 16!

My goal was unsuccessful again. Ooops! But hey, at least I only kept 3 books this week! Let’s see what next week holds in store for me.

Tell me, would you read any of the books I removed? Would you read the ones I kept? I’d love to know!


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  1. Great post! Some really lovely book covers there.

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