Down the TBR Hole 3

Down the TBR Hole 3 had a great week last time around. It was one more removal than the previous, which is excellent! This week, I’m aiming for at least eight. Let’s see if it happens!

If I am correct, Down the TBR Hole originated here. Basically, the gist is to start at the beginning of your TBR and go through a few books and decide if you’re going to keep them. My goal is to go through a minimum of 10 books each week. At 10 books a week, this would take me years to get through! I may do a little bit more, depending on how it goes. What do y’all think? I started at 1594, I believe. A shit ton of books lemme tell you!

Let’s get started!

The books (1-5):

 Let Me Go by LL Akers.

Interesting cover. I love the colors together. Upon further inspection, this book’s title and cover has been changed. I LOVE the new cover. “The Girl in the Box” is the new title. It makes me want to read the book even more. As a dark psychological suspense series, this feels right up my alley.

The Verdict: KEEP



 Reboot by Amy Tintera.

If I remember right, I bought this book during a sale. It was at the start of the beginning of my new reading life. Now, I don’t think I would read this book. It’s a sci-fi, dystopian novel. Basically, a girl gets shot three times. She dies for over two hours and comes back to life as a Reboot, an inhumane person. A Reboot in a society where everything is under a strict rule. Ugh. Just not my cup of tea.

The Verdict: REMOVE



 Forgiven by Rachel Morgan.

What a gorgeous cover! This is a clean romance, a short story, and a prequel to the Trouble Series. As a short story, I will definitely enjoy reading this one. Sometimes, short stories can pull me out of a reading slump. I don’t have to spend too long drawn into a book with complex characters, changes in setting, or anything a longer novel has. Novellas can be perfect! I’m not sure if I have the rest of the series on the TBR, but it looks like they’re all stand-alones, so either way, it may be good to read.

The Verdict: KEEP



 The Perfect Distraction by Melissa Rolka.

Another cover I love. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a cover whore I truly am. Probably half of the books I buy is because of the cover! They’re all just so pretty!

Love triangles, a haunted past, an uncertain future. The tropes speak to me. This one hits all of them and I love when books have the Mature Audience exclaimer. It almost always makes me go for the book.

The Verdict: KEEP



 Unwell by Marie Chow.

Hmm. Unwell sounds interesting enough. A story about a woman who is pregnant, but is unsure about how she feels about motherhood. She’s not considering abortion nor is she considering adoption. I’m not sure if there is something more I can say about this story, other than I’ve semi been in her shoes. Even now, six years later, I still have no idea how I feel about being a mother! It’s one of those things that go back and forth with no real answer. There’s no doubt that on some level, I will relate to this character. I want to see what’s in store for the MC.

The Verdict: KEEP



The books (6-10):

 My Lucky Charm by Scarlet Wolfe.

Another interesting cover. I enjoy reading MC’s that try to escape their past, no matter the reason. This one doesn’t spark my interest like it used to. I’ve never read anything by Wolfe but there’s too many books on my TBR to keep this one for a maybe.

The Verdict: REMOVE



 Just to Hear the Words I Love You by BM Hardin.

The blurb hits a little too close to home for me, which I believe is the perfect reason to keep this book. It will tell stories about three different women who are desperate to hear those three words and will do anything to keep their man. I can vaguly relate to some of this due to one of my past relationships. So it will be interesting to see how their stories turn out.

The Verdict: KEEP




 Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison.

This book’s blurb doesn’t really tell too much. That’s great, except it doesn’t help me to decide the verdict. From what I can gather, a boy likes a girl. Girl has a secret that boy doesn’t know. Once it comes out, will the love they shared still be there, type of thing. It seems like a ton of romance books, and I’m sure it is. But there’s nothing that sticks out to make me think it’ll be good.

The Verdict: REMOVE



 Social Death by Tatiana Boncompangi.

“Gone Girl meets Gossip Girl – blah blah blah”. At one point, I would have been all over this! I loved Gone Girl and I loved Gossip Girl. I can see them meeting in the middle. Within the past two years, I have read too many books (and seen too many reviews) that are compared to Gone Girl. It’s completely overdone, and it fails to meet expectations. Enough is enough. (Unless it really is as good – haha.)

The Verdict: REMOVE



 Entangled Moments by Dori Lavelle

A cute cover and a short story? What more could a girl want? Haha. Anyway, it contains a tragic, deadly accident. I wonder what it could be; I am a tad intrigued. Secrets creep their way into this short short, so I am curious as to how it willl turn out.

The Verdict: KEEP




The books (11-15):

 Never Let You Go by Sabrina Devonshire.

Basically, between the blurb and the cover, I already figured out how the book ends. How the book ends guys. Ahhh! That is terrible. It’s obvious she meets another man and gets pregnant, after her husband leaves her. Like come on. The burb was already pretty short, but leave something to the imagination!

The Verdict: REMOVE




 Bet in the Dark by Rachel Higginson.

Ugh, this is another one where the blurb is wayyy to long and gives away the whole plot! Man, blurbs have to be extremely difficult to write. While I have never written one, I have read tons of them. You don’t want to put too much information, yet you don’t want to put too little. It has to be just right, in the middle.

The Verdict: REMOVE




 Getting Gabriel by Cathy Quinn.

First off, this cover looks ugh. It’s not appealing to me at all! It probably set the whole tone. Usually, I am not one to criticize a cover, but this doesn’t look too good. I just can’t put my finger on it though. After reading the blurb, and it is a long one, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

The Verdict: REMOVE




 Design for Loving by Jenny Lane.

Just no. Another meh cover. Yes, I do realize this whole week has been centered around covers. No idea how that happened! Anyway, it doesn’t seem too interesting. Plus, the ratings were terrible! There’s only 5 of them, but it has an overall star rating of less than 3. Ain’t nobody have time for that!

The Verdict: REMOVE



 A Final Kiss by Wendy Ely

Now, what an interesting cover. It’s simple but it conveys so much!

A second chance love and a stalker? (Nope, they’re not the same person). This does sound really good, and it’s a romantic suspense novel. Count me in!

The Verdict: KEEP




Last week I removed 7 books. This week: 8! I’m slowly getting there. Plus, I did make my goal of 8 books! Rock on!

Total removed: 21
Total kept: 24

Thanks for joining in on the third edition of:
Down the TBR Hole!

How are y’all liking this meme? Would you change anything about it? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I find it quite impressive that you were able to get rid of 8! I’m slowly but surely getting rid of mine too haha. 😉 I didn’t recognize most of these books, so that made it all the more interesting! I hope you enjoy the books you kept. 🙂

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